Monday, November 18, 2019

McDonalds Marketing Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

McDonalds Marketing Communications - Essay Example We will be seeing how McDonalds reaches its way out to the customers, what strategies does McDonalds have in order to stand fast in the market against the competitors in the fast food retailers market. What is the importance of the marketing strategies to the McDonalds organization and how are they implemented in the real market to compete with the competitors. Introduction to McDonalds By many people, it is believed that McDonald is the food empire, which was founded because of sales representative from the location of Oak Park situated in Illinois. The name of the sales representative is mentioned in the history as Ray Kroc. Ross and Holland (2006) argue that some say that the foundation of McDonalds was laid down in the year of 1954, as Ray Kroc had heard of two brothers named as McDonalds. They had bought some mixers to work on their running burger business that was already gaining too much profits and success all around the area. Kroc was wondering as to what is the need of such a large number of the mixers for such a small business. Kroc set out for a journey to meet the McDonalds brothers. At the point where the brothers were running a quiet successful business, Kroc was astonished to see the management that the two brothers were having in feeding all the demanding customers with there burgers, French fries and the shakes for which the mixers were being used.

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