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Analysis of The Masque of the Red Death Essay

Writer’s Name Professor’s Name English 101 14 November 2013 Chasing Time Edgar strikes fear in the eyes of the reader as the adventure of The Masque of the Red Death takes one through the life cycle from the beginning to death. A terrible disease stormed through the country, killing anyone in it’s path. Not only was it madly gruesome, but dreadfully fatal. With only half of the kingdom left alive, Prince Prospero decided to take the route of a coward. He let the kingdom fend for themselves, while he gathered a thousand of his favorite knights and ladies and had a never-ending party, â€Å"When his dominions were half depopulated, he summoned to is presence a thousand hale and light-hearted friends from among the knights and dames of his court† (Poe 3). Once the last guest entered the gate doors, no one came in, and no one gets out (seeing as the Prince welded the gates shut). After a few months the prince decided to throw a breathtaking masquerade ball. As instructed, the guests wore elaborate costumes and masks. The party took place in a strange design and setup. A series of 7 rooms lead you from the beginning to the end of the party. Throughout all of the rooms, every single one was a bright and cheery color, all but the last room. Black dark and terrifying, what more could one want the 7th and final room to be? Poe takes the reader through a fearful Journey, never letting you sit down to have a cup of tea, never letting you feel at home. He wants to put the reader on their toes, awaiting a pop-up scene at any moment, awaiting the â€Å"Red Death†. Although his guests loved all of the light and youthful rooms, only the brave and adventurous stray away to the depressed gloomy last and final room. The final room contained numerous clocks that ring and ring every hour, with each ding the partiers stop and pause till the clocks are done. As the clocks struck midnight, everyone noticed a new guest, a very gruesome guest, â€Å"there were many individuals in the crowd who had found leisure to become aware of the presence of a masked fgure which had arrested the attention of no single individual before† (Poe 7). The Prince did not find any humor in the fact that the guest was dressed up as the â€Å"Red Death†. With that, the Prince ran after the guest. Prince Prospera ran furiously through the rooms slowly reaching the last and final room, death. Prince Prosperds party showed Poe’s amazing ability to bring symbolism and themes together to form a piece of literary artwork. As the reader visualizes the party, you see 7 rooms moving from east to west. Each room essentially is a different ‘stage’ of the human life. Every room has a different color, which suggests that stage of human life. What first gave away that the suite was set up to be viewed as a life cycle, was the arrangement of rooms from east to west. How brilliant it was to connect this life cycle of a human with the life cycle of a day. East is usually associated with beginnings and birth seeing as its the beginning of a new day. On the contrary, as the sun sets in the West, people usually associate that with the end and death. sense of rebirth. The color suggests the unknown from which a human being arrives into this world. Following that, the purple room proposes the idea of beginnings of growth, and green being the â€Å"spring† of life. Orange represents the summer and autumn of life, while white suggests aging. In the end violet, shadowy and dark, prepares you for the last room, death. Almost all but a few partiers stay clear of the black room, and why is that? It symbolizes their fear of the unknown, there fear death. â€Å"But in the western or black chamber the effect of the fire- light that streamed upon the dark hangings through the blood-tinted panes, was ghastly in the extreme, nd produced so wild a look upon the countenances of those who entered, that there were few of the company bold enough to set foot within its precincts at all† (Poe 5). As the ‘Red Death’ walks from the blue room to the black room, Prospero follows it and they walks the course of life, flowwing from birth to death. He rushes from the blue room to the black room, where he eventually dies. His party guests also run into the black room to unmask the Red Death, and also die. The course the characters walk in the story is both literally and metaphorically the course from life to death. â€Å"And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall† (Poes 10). It was no coincidence that Poe wrote ‘like a thief in the night’ as an ending for his short story. This piece of scripture is one of the most famous lines from the Bible. The line derives from Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians 5:4, where he refers to the last judgement. According to Paul, Jesus or God will appear when the world is least expecting it, and Judge all sinners for all ages. Poe uses Paul’s phrase and relates it to he Red Death. In the story, the Red Death might seem like an â€Å"apocalyptic† figure, something that symbolizes the end of the world. Like the sinners in the scripture, the Prince and all of his friends stupidly ignore the inevitability of death. Instead they take in all of â€Å"lifes pleasures†, and in the end they pay the price. The only difference is that instead of a Judgement day, and giving everyone a fair chance, the Red Death happily massacres everyone. The clocks in the story symbolizes life ticking away directly in front of the partygoers faces. They stop each hour to hear the long ding-dong of the large ebony locks, â€Å"And then, for a moment, all is still, and all is silent save the voice of the clock† (Poe 6). The clock stopped ticking with the last guest’s death, and it was like the clock represented the countdown to death and the people knew it. Poe’s main goal in The Masque of the Red Death is to spawn a growing sense of horror and dread in his reader. Throughout the story the guests of Prince Prospero fear the black room almost as much as they fear death itself. The guests of the party not only give the reader the experience of the cycle of life, but an insight on Poe’s insightful use of Bible verses.

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Importance of Partnerships Essay

The term partnership entails the joining of two entities or corporations of people or organizations with the unique intention of achieving much better results of the intended goals through combination of effort and other related resources. Indeed the general perception of partnership has evolved as a very central theme in the field of policy making since other fields such as social care, health matters, environment, urban generals, fighting and combating crime and terrorism, performing criminal activities and biotechnology continues to embrace partnership (Ling 2002, pp. 615-642). Partnership is also highlighted in the modernization of the various social services in Europe and in other parts of the world (Miller & Ahmad 2000). Various issues relate to the concept of partnership. The diversity in the nature of partnerships being formed all over the world requires special attention to be accorded to a number of central issues in the partnership relationships. The major advantages of forming partnership, the challenges that relate to this kind of relationship and the best way in which the partnerships would best be dissolved have been addressed in this paper. However, the continued lack of a definite definition of partnership has made it have a lot of ambiguity in a number of sectors. According to Nicolus (2003), such an approach is mainly with reference to the relationship that should be natured in such a relationship (Miller & Ahmad 2000; Solidarity with the Women, 1990). Partnership and Mother Care Due to the complex nature of partnerships, the relationship between partners and that of the child and the mother is best done to define the term and to ensure utmost relationship between the partners best understood to fully suit the market need in business and other spheres of life. The nature and history of early partnership help understand a number of issues that relate to the relationship between the partners. This is indeed best explained by the concept of the Early Years of Development and the various existing Child Car Partnerships in the world (EYDCP). These critically help to analyze the actual partnerships that are in actual existence (Powell 2009). The inadequate concepts developed on the working of the partnerships and the arguments on whether or not EYDCPs actually work and the overall meaning raises a number of concerns. The origin of partnership is not necessary based on the business conceptualizations that target to ensure efficient and effective utilization of resources. However, the need to win wars based either on countries, similar interest or to increase territorial boundaries and powers made the need to corporate and work in groups inevitable. Partnership is therefore not a criticism for differentiation (Maddock 2000). It is engraved in the response for fragmentation recognizes the differentiation and lack of compensation based on well understood relationship structures. The potentiality of the collaborators partners in a relationship assumes a natural perspective. In the mother – child relationship, it is almost automatic that the two depend on one another for a number of things which need to be satisfied if the relationship has to grow and become much stronger with time. Initially, one of the partners says the mother mainly benefits the child through breast feeding and offering security (McLaughlin 2008, pp. 82-101). However, as time progresses, the relationship become mutual and the child starts benefiting the mother through the assistance in performing various tasks. In a partnership, it is therefore very evident that knowledge, ideas and other necessary resources are exchanged based on the mutual agreement that may also be based on the pre-set rules and regulations. Partnerships offer partners the desired chance to influence one another and where possibly behave in as if they were one entity. The behaviors are in normally in ways in which the actions can if possible become more aligned thus allowing partners to fully or partially attain their own goals and those of the partnership in the most economical and cost effective manner. EYDCPs could therefore be described as a compulsory partnership based on the nature of its operation and structure of distribution of powers and other resources. In the research carried out on EYDCP nature of operation and other related matters, it is evident that the local authority education system staff had the view that its inactive and dormant members should be disqualified from the partnership (Ling 2002; Lossky & Stransky 2002). This explains the fact that even from the traditional strategic cooperation point of view, the need to maintain constant consultation, sharing of information and other resources is very fundamental in any form of partnership all over the world. If that does not happen, then the continuity of the relationship becomes either technically possible or redundant hence the need to terminate the relationship. It is evident that traditionally, some partnerships have been purely based on the resolution of conflicts and ensuring that peace, stability and cohesiveness thrives. In some partnership relationships, the whole partnership is normally about various conflicts of interest, regarding the partner’s who gets the money first, who bears largest losses and the manner in which authority is controlled. Partnership Definition and Its Nature The nature of partnership carried out depends on a number of factors. Partnership is the union of people or business entities with an intention of performing certain tasks and achieving certain designed tasks within a given time frame using certain amount of resources. The control of funding of the partnership and the overall control of partnership relationships depends on the manner in which the partnership can be exploited. The major requirements for partnership membership, its core target s, nature of control and ensuring setting up and enhancing monitoring various bodies delegated with the duty to do so is very fundamental (Ling 2000). In organizations which are supported by cash resources, a lot of strict regulations and constant adherence to the regulations is of paramount importance. In the modern partnership relationships, voluntary organizations may even be co-opted and the boundaries between voluntary and statutory activity become redrawn in line with government direction. Partnership working is one way in which the state normally retains and in some way its power over other sectors including the voluntary sector. Partnership Relationships in Reference to Relationship of Dealing with Children Children deserve to be given a lot of attention when dealing with. A lot of caution in terms of the tone used when talking to them, the manner in which their problems are solved and the general cool friendly attention they should be accorded is important. This is however a true reflection of how most partnership relationships should be carried out (Gatrell 2002). Listening to children and adequately addressing their issues prepare them for their future lives in which they become better placed to corporate with other people in their future lives. Indeed listening to children also produce better decisions are their various stages of life (Kilm 1997). Even though evidence to prove this argument is very limited in most life sources, it can be argued that habits developed in the early stages of life normally result into the molding of the final products o the mature being with good virtues thus being able to fully adhere to the societal norms. It is generally accepted in life that decisions normally best used by people based on the general knowledge and opinions of those affected and the environment in which they live in. In some instances, the requirements for children also reflect the needs of the partnership in a partnership set-up (Glendinning & Rummery 2008, pp. 133-137; Joseph & Phillips 2001). This explains the reason why in some partnerships, there are always very strong assumptions made in reference to children; that young people’s views cannot easily be ascertained independently with total disregard of their adults who in most cases are better placed to understand better a number of issues. The healthy being of children and poverty and the social exclusion of children also determine the manner in which children would grow to become responsive potential partners. It is so far evident that even though the outward nature of partnerships is commonly viewed positively, partnership has a lot of downfall which need a lot of attention when initiating the partnership plans. The British government has a clear understanding of the various partnership needs. According to the department of education and employment (1999) the recent policy developments have also put a frame to the definition of partnership with great reference to the attainment of the set goals rather than the general processes followed in formulating the partnership agreements and working procedures. This is also in reference to the modalities of partnership working which should be very clear and easily understood by all partners (Edmund 2007; Gatrell 2002). Areas Where Partnership is Very Crucial The practice of partnership is very crucial in a number of sectors. This practice, even though very important in a number of areas, has proved to be more fundamental in some fields than in others (Denzin 2003). This could be in corporation with from various sectors. The continued needs for corporation in a number of fields elicit the need for adequate analysis in determining the conditions necessary for the partnership. Partnership success is charged in various organizations by the ability of attaining certain set goals. In different organizations, the total outcome and profitability value, collaboration nature, the social and health care programs is very crucial in the success of partnerships. Hospitals and other health sectors are one of the areas in life where partnership is of great importance. In the health care, provision of some medical services is very expensive and some medical units are not better placed to offer certain services. Recruitment and employment of medical staff on a permanent basis is also sometime very costly. Surgeons for instance are also very expensive to employ on a permanent basis. This calls for the need to partner with other medical services and hospitals so as to hire these personnel when need arises (Craig & Taylor 2002). Denzin (1998) believes that a partnership is very fundamental, sensitive and thus the need to keep a close watch on the issues related to the relationships. Research in the medical field on the medication of some diseases is normally carried out in partnership with other medical organizations in order to ensure faster discovery of the medical treatment for certain diseases. Hospitals that venture in the provision of sensitive services and medical-care require that partnership be enhanced. This ensures sharing of sensitive information and research results. The partnership that enhances the general reduction of operational costs in the health sector that resulting in the overall reduction of the cost of medical services. Moreover, banking industry, security departments and most transport sectors such as airlines participate in partnerships (Clarke & Glendinning 2002). The partnerships, like in the medical industry, ensures that sensitive yet very vital information is exchanged to also to man and adequately address challenges related to their sector.

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A summary on the Article Bare, Bones and a Few Stones Essay

A summary on the Article Bare, Bones and a Few Stones - Essay Example Their minds and brains were not developed as Ehrlich describes, ‘they grabbed for roots, grabbed for an occasional mouthful’. What the author wants to discuss here is how our ancestors used the bigger brains to evolve the general kinds of nature that we have today and how they spread from Africa to all over the planet. He also points out that bones, skeletons and the stones brought about certain but not conclusive evidence of the evolution process. Ehrlich describes the genus, Homo used the forelimbs to carry and use tools and weapons. The early human beings were the original makers of the stone tools. The author expresses doubt if this is correct. Uncertainties remain with the human fossil record. From the samples it is not possible to draw conclusions about how many species of homos were there long ago. The evolutionary process, the physical appearance, the shape and size of the teeth, the jaws, all had a definite function and changed as human beings evolved from one stage to another. The teeth was used as a tool while the hair provided protection against insects. Our ancestors had the manual dexterity to produce tools and the foresight that these would be needed. Research suggests that technology differed from place to place, which depended on the environment as well as the skills of the homos making the tools. Human nature too differed geographically. Ehrlich suggests that although people share a common genetic code, the human nature is not a result of genetic coding. Cultural conditioning and environmental factors influence it. The molecular biologists are able to determine the sequence of molecular building blocks in Mitochondial DNA. MtDNA is passed from the mother to the child. These energy producing organs are present in the eggs and not in the sperm that penetrates the eggs. Analysis of mtDNA helps determine when two different populations of people last had a common ancestor. It is difficult to imagine how genes

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High Yield Junk Bonds Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

High Yield Junk Bonds Business - Research Paper Example The corporate bonds with good or highly favorable rating grades are classified as â€Å"investment-grade bonds† while those with low ratings are called â€Å"low-grade† or â€Å"speculative† bonds or by their less formal term, â€Å"junk bonds† (Becketti, 1990). In other words, based on Becketti (1990), junk bonds, low-grade bonds, and speculative bonds are synonyms. According to Becketti (1990), a bond may be classified as a junk bond for three reasons. First, the outlook for the company may be highly unfavorable. Second, the issuing company for the bonds may have large or significant debts. Finally or third, is that the company’s legal claim on another firm’s assets which is in default or has serious risks of default may be behind the legal claims of other companies. However, Taggart pointed out that despite their low-investment grade status, junk bonds are nevertheless classified as â€Å"high yield bonds† by â€Å"those wishing to avoid pejorative connotations.† It is very important to state, however, that although junk bonds experience more default, they also tend to have higher returns. More recent data are not immediately available. However, for 1974-1985, the default on junk bonds stood at 1.53% compared to 0.09% for all bonds. The 1.53% may be high compared to 0.09% but certainly 1.53% seems low enough. Further, various reports also suggest that annual return for junk bonds was 12.4% compared to 9.7% for all long-term government bonds. (Taggart, 1987, p. 12). In the 1990s, many economic observers have attributed the country’s economic ills to junk bonds (Becketti, 1990, p. 46). Many observers believed that junk bonds and economic ills simultaneously emerged in the 1980s (Becketti, 1990). However, on the observation, th e appropriate interpretation is that the market for junk bonds actually became only popular in the 1970s and 1980s but they have been in the US economy for some time (Becketti, 1990). In 1977, new issues of junk bonds in the United States were close to zero but they steadily climbed up to around US$33 billion in 1986 and to around US$30 billion in 1989 (Becketti, 1990). Becketti (1990, p. 48) argued that despite their size in the US economy for close to two decades, â€Å"junk bonds are too small a part of the debt market to account for the growth in corporate debt.† Further, Becketti (1990, p. 48) also argued that although junk bonds are riskier than investment-grade bonds, they are â€Å"less risky than equities.† Becketti (1990, p. 48) also clarified that â€Å"junk bond returns lie between those of investment-grade bonds and equities.† In addition, â€Å"junk bonds are more liquid than bank loans and private placements but less liquid than equities† ( Becketti, 1990, p. 48). Junk bonds can also provide investors â€Å"more control over corporate management† than investment-grade bonds but less control than many financial instruments like equities (Becketti, 1990, p. 48). If one examines the descriptions of Becketti (1990), it should be easy to conclude that junk bonds aren’t too bad after all. Based on the literature that will be examined by this work on the nature of junk bonds and issues related to the acquisition of junk bonds, there is a genuine case for investing in junk bonds as well as improving the situation of the junk bonds market. Junk bonds are risky investments but they can be part of one’s investment strategy for increased wealth. Further, contrary to the view that our

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Love DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Love DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Essay Example This report discusses the major barriers that restrict disabled people in accessing and progressing within the available sporting infrastructure in Darlington Borough, in United Kingdom. Bone and Meltzer (1999, p14) define disability as â€Å"any physical or mental state that limits movements, activities or senses of the affected person†. According to Arthur and Finch(1999, p41), persons with disabilities includes â€Å"people afflicted by long term mental, physical, intellectual, or sensory malfunctions, which limit their ability to participate fully and effectively in society like other able people†. Disability could be temporary, permanent or it could recur periodically within the life span of the affected person. Darlington Borough has an estimated population of 99,475 (PMP, 2009). Elderly persons aged 65 years and above account to 17% of the total population in the region, compared to national average of 16%. The proportion of people aged below 40 years in the borough is less than the national average. About 31% of people in the area do not have private cars for transport (PMP 2009, p16). This limits access to available sporting facilities, especially among the disabled persons. The region has unemployment rate of 4%, which is above the national level in the United Kingdom (PMP 2009, 37). According to PMP (2009) disabled persons account to 10.6 % of the entire population in the borough. Most of the disabled are elderly persons aged over 65 years. Darlington borough has an estimated 107.5 hectares of land for playing pitches, but only 39% of this area is available for public use (PMP, 2009, p65). In spite of economic prosperity in various regions, people with disabilities encounter higher levels of social, economic and political isolation compared to those without the condition (Andreasen, 1995, p 17). These challenges permeate into sports across different regions and Darlington is not an exception. Although factors such as age, ethnicity, gender,

Cultural Competence in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cultural Competence in Nursing - Essay Example Such perceptions are very common in the United States because a bigger percent of the citizens are Christians who believe in God or a higher power. This concept applies to the chronically ill and the families who at most times may strongly belief that their chronic illness could e a sort of test and that through God’s intervention the illness will eventually be treatable. This means that this chronically ill patient focuses on inner strength and health care givers should fully apply their cultural competence by supporting the patient and its family’s cultural beliefs. More so, nurses and health care givers can obtain focused information about client’s presenting illness and his perception of causes of illness and beliefs about cultural treatment modalities (Jeffreys, 2010). This concept usually applies to patients or families of the chronically ill patients who believe in non-biomedical healing tradition. These individuals strongly believe that traditional medici ne could be more effective to biomedical medication. A competent health giver or nurse should understand this cultural concept by understanding the chronically ill patient or his family’s wish. Ideally, culturally competence approach would put up ways to communicate with chronically ill patients about their perception of their conditions, concerns and fears about a particular medication. Hence, physicians and caregivers could play a crucial timely role in addressing social cultural barriers to care by following culturally competent approaches to decision support (Jeffreys, 2010). Cultural competence can also assist patients to manage their own illnesses by providing educational information... This essay stresses that effective communication and interaction between health care givers and their chronically ill patients is essential because it delivers high-quality care. Statistics from the National Adult Literacy Survey claims that approximately ninety million U.S. adults have trouble in reading written text. More statistics claim that patients with chronic illness and limited health literacy have less knowledge of managing diseases, compared to those with higher literacy level. Such situations are commonly evident in the current society. For instance, a patient suffering from chronic illness like diabetes may tend to think that since diabetes is hereditary, there is no means of controlling it since other family members suffered from the disease and eventually died and so is his fate. In this respect, proper education through effective communication from the caregivers will be of crucial help to inform the chronically patient that insulin injection will greatly assist in co ntrolling diabetes. This paper makes a conclusion that chronic illnesses are terminal illnesses that needs accurate acceptance by the patients and their families. This means that the health care givers have a hard task of building a strong relationship with the patients in order to understand their likes and innermost views and likes. The outcome from the chronically ill patients lays the platform for the caregivers to deliver the best and efficient services as well as help in eradicating health disparities starting from individual levels.

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Role of BBC in Broadcasting Britishness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Role of BBC in Broadcasting Britishness - Essay Example BBC has been in the forefront in covering stories on Britishness which is aimed at fostering unity since it is the work of media to educate, inform and bring the people together. Britishness entails that which explains the lives of the British people with an aim of uniting them. Britishness is associated with national symbols, people, culture and beliefs, geographical features, language, values and attitudes, national identity or citizenship and their achievements1. The Union Jack and the Royal family symbolized Britishness. Its geography is related with the Scottish highlands, Welsh valleys and the British Isles. The British people maintain their cultural values which include the kind of food and drinks they consume for instance the English breakfast, fish and chips, cucumber sandwiches and Yorkshire pudding, sporting activities by promoting2. Holding a United Kingdom passport was a perception that the minority ethnic groups associated with Britishness. British people were united by the fact that they spoke English with varied intonations due to geographical regions and the social classes. Advancement in several sectors for example industrialization, discovery of sporting activities and medicinal products is associated with Britishness3. ... or representing UK and its countries, initiate and promote innovativeness and cultural success by providing financial support for creativity, uphold citizenship and the general society and to expose United Kingdom to the world as well as to introduce the world to the United Kingdom4. BBC mission is to ensure that every activity they take part in meets at least one of its intended purposes. BBC took upon its mandate to unite the people of Britain by exposing the diverse cultures and identity of Britishness. BBC has been seen to represent Britishness through its programs; it has aired harmonized and mixed information that portray the image and identity of British people. BBC covered information about the empire and the monarchy highlighted shared practices among the people living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales5. BBC brought to light family and societal living among the British people by addressing that the empire was one family led by royals who instilled discipline, tradition s and peaceful coexistence. BBC did this by airing information on cultural ceremonies and overseas visits and by requesting kings to take part in Christmas broadcasts as they believed it would strengthen household Britishness values, practices and attitudes anywhere6. BBC initiated regional programs in Scotland and Wales. For example, a program on folk culture was aired with a focus on exposing the identity and the cultural practices of Scottish people although it was interrupted by the World War II7. BBC regional services contributed towards identity of the inhabitants of Northern Ireland by strengthening Britishness and establishing Ulster identity. BBC being the largest media broadcasting in the world has promoted Britishness by educating the Britons8. BBC has developed several learning

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Integrated Marketing Communications Practice Essay

Integrated Marketing Communications Practice - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in accordance with Belch, any organization opts to keep an effective way of communicating with its customers. This way, the customers are informed of any improvement or change in the commodity. This ensures that there is a steady flow of information on the customers. Customers who are kept informed, about any change in the commodity produced by a company, have a sense of belonging, and they tend to develop loyalty to the commodity. In addition, Eagle, states that companies that employ IMC as a marketing technique achieve outstanding outcomes. Â  This is because they manage to coordinate the advertising process and enhance good public relations. An enhancement of a healthy relationship between an organization and its customers builds up a long-lasting customer base, which has to be maintained by ensuring trust and goodwill of all the participants. Ford Motors Company has a wide scope of markets of its unique model of vehicles, which co nstitute different models that suit the needs of their market segment. They have segmented the market into different categories that include personal cars, commercials vehicles, and trucks. Â  Since the foundation, this company has used various techniques in advertising their vehicles. Luck stipulates that any business must use an effective and reliable channel of communication so that their message will not be distorted. Ford Company has employed different forms of IMC, in order to reach the customers. The clients include the business sector, operating segments automotive which have distinct needs to be met.

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Competition law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Competition law - Essay Example Due to the influx of complaints that reaches the office of the European Court of Justice, a new accord was passed to devolve the function to the national competition authority and the national courts of each jurisdiction. The new process was formulated to ensure that more focus is given to each complaints and also to ensure that proper monitoring of the conduct of the companies within each jurisdiction is well managed. As it is there are three ways wherein monopolies or cartels can be broken. Through notification where the companies themselves will submit to the regime of the national competition authority the agreements it will enter into with a company within the same industry. The Notification process will certify and state the reason to the National Competition Commission on why the agreement is not in violation of the anti cartel law. The other process wherein attention to the existence of the cartel will be put to the fore is through the initiation of a complaint against the ca rtel or the companies that make up the cartels. It is normally lodged by consumers acting to preserve and protect its interest against acts by company considered as against public policy. The National Commission itself acting on its behalf and in congruence with its power may investigate and launch its inquiry as to the existence of the cartel. The process enunciated above at first instance can be considered as laudable due to the focused implementation of the law by the National Competition Authority of each jurisdiction. To illustrate: The notification process only provides a prima facie evidence that would make the companies involved in the agreement or alliance. This will pave the way for undocumented gentlemen’s agreement to be hatched in golf courses or similar fora. While more powers are given to the National Competition Authority to assess, rule and provide guidance to companies willing to submit itself to the regime of the NCA, the European Court of Justice have effe ctively reduced its clout over the TFEU. Legal backGround In 1952, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was created not only to boost economic growth in Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War but more importantly, to foster lasting peace. This treaty marked the beginning of the free movement of coal and steel and it guaranteed access to sources of production as well as the establishment of fair competition rules and price transparency. Under this Treaty, three cases were identified as hindrance to free trade and fair competition—agreements, concentrations and the abuse of dominant positions thus it explicitly provided that any agreement and undertaking could be nullified or an association could be disbanded if they would likely promote unfair competition or directly or indirectly prevent, restrict or distort free enterprise or fair competition. The European Economic Community (then known as EEC but now referred to as the EC Treaty) pursuant to the Treaties of Rome established the single or common European market on 1 January 1958. Under this Treaty, the free movement of people, goods and services were similarly conferred to achieve the envisioned economic development under the single or com

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Strategic Management (Marks & Spancer Case) Essay

Strategic Management (Marks & Spancer Case) - Essay Example It is able to source quality products from centralized buying office and later transfers the same to its stores. In each and every store, analogues procedures are being followed and hence, the independence of managers was constrained. In the past, various CEOs concentrated on quality of merchandise, supplier control and layout of stores. During the 11-year tenure of Sir Richard Greenbury as Chairman cum CEO, M&S enjoyed twice the market share as compared to any other retailers in the industry and witnessed the growth successively as they were no major changes to its style of operations or functioning. However, in 1998, M&S strategy met a great disaster as it performance was far below than normal for many successive years. Its lost its major chunk of customer’s base due to its competitors ability to source very competitive merchandises from low-cost nations and there had been cut-throat competition from retailers like Gap, Oasis, Next, Matalam and Asda. Due to poor performance, Sir Richard Greenbury was shown exit doors in 1999. In 2000, Luc Van de Velde appointed himself as Chairman cum CEO, and he earnestly attempted to turnaround the M&S Plc in his short span tenure that prolonged up to 2004. With aim of focusing on UK market, Velde appointed a head for UK retail and segmented the customers of the company employing the store within a store perception. He successfully entered into a joint venture with designer George Davies. In 2003, he introduced the Simply food notion and started to open stand alone food stores in 2003 in UK. Velde era made a turnaround of M&S Plc between 2000 and 2004 but also M&S encountered successive takeover attempts by the Arcadia Group. Another innovation that Luc Van de Velde brought was the introduction loyalty cards which gave the customers reward points that can be used during their future purchases at M&S stores. However, in the year 2004, M&S witnessed a deep decline in their sales, lost major of its market share to its c ompetitors, mainly due to over-emphasis on Per Una. Rose Stuart succeeded Luc Van de Velde in 2004, and he followed a strategy of under promising but excess delivering in terms of targets set. In 2008, Rose was re-designated as Chairman cum CEO when UK was facing utter economic crisis. Since then, the scenery did not improve in 2009 also, Rose and his marketing director were to forego ? 1 million package bonus of M&S shares and in 2010, Rose relinquished his position as chairman and functioned as CEO of the company. Introduce the theory or concept to be used in analysing the assignment This paper tries to explore about competitive strategy on which M&S might accomplish competitive advantage in the market. As per Michael Porter, an organisation could achieve the competitive advantage by adhering to three various generic strategies like focus, overall cost leadership and differentiation. As per Cliff Bowman and Richard D’ Aveni, market-facing generic strategies are having compe titive advantages, which is accomplished by offering customers with what they exactly need or want more efficiently and effectively than its competitors. (Cousins & Coskett 2007:275) In UK, M&S was the number-one retailer, but it failed to comprehend or to recognise the transforming social fashions and tastes in the

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Protestant Reformation Essay Example for Free

Protestant Reformation Essay Although the Protestant Reformation usually is interpreted as a religious movement, it did have a profound impact on European civilization in general. Discuss the political, social, and economic consequences of the Reformation. How did the Reformation affect women? The European Reformation was not a simple revolution, a protest movement with a single leader, a defined set of objectives, or a coherent organization. It was a series of parallel movements; within each of which various people with different perspectives for a crucial period in history combined forces to achieve the shared objectives. * Political Consequences: (1) Political History of the Era along with military confrontation. (2) Declining influence of the church. (3) Destroying of the concept of European unity. * Social Consequences: (1) Impact of women Including Martin Luther’s exaltation of marriage) (2) Shared responsibility of men and women- Men were leaders of household. (3) Peasants War * Economic Consequences: (1) People were free from medieval ideas and the tyranny of the Orthodox Church. (2) Moneylender was given a status in society. (3) By annihilating the economic power of the medieval Church, the Reformation paved the way for the rise of capitalism. The Protestant Reformation was the 16th-century schism within Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin and other early Protestants. The 1517 posting of Luthers Ninety-Five Theses laid the foundation for this shift in European history. An immediate and unfortunate effect of the Reformation was intolerance. Instead of showing the true spirit of Christ, that is, the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, the Reformation made thousands suffer on account of their religion. On the other hand, The Reformation led to a series of religious wars that culminated in the Thirty Years War (1618–1648), which devastated much of Germany, killing between 24.9 and 40% of its population.

Unemployment research Essay Example for Free

Unemployment research Essay Unemployment From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Unemployment (or Joblessness), as defined by the International Labour Organization, occurs when people are without Jobs and they have actively sought work within the past four weeks. [2] The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labour force. In a 2011 news story, BusinessWeek reported, More than 200 million people globally are out of work, a record high, as almost two-thirds of advanced economies and half of eveloping countries are experiencing a slowdown in employment growth, the group There remains considerable theoretical debate regarding the causes, consequences and solutions for unemployment. Classical economics, neoclassical economics and the Austrian School of economics argue that market mechanisms are reliable means of resolving unemployment. citation needed] These theories argue against interventions imposed on the labour market from the outside, such as unionization, minimum wage laws, taxes, and other regulations that they claim discourage the hiring of workers. Keynesian economics emphasizes the cyclical ature of unemployment and recommends interventions it claims will reduce unemployment during recessions. This theory focuses on recurrent supply shocks that suddenly reduce aggregate demand for goods and services and thus reduce demand for workers. Keynesian models recommend government interventions designed to increase demand for workers; these can include financial stimuli, publicly funded Job creation, and expansionist monetary policies. Georgists, half a century before Keynes, also noted the cyclical nature but focused on the role of speculation in land which pushes up economic rent. Because rent must be paid mostly from wages (yield of labor) but also from interest (yield of capital), economic activity cannot be sustained in the rent bubble, which finally burst resulting in recessions or depressions. Once the speculation is wrung out of system the cycle of land speculation begins again. [4] Henry George therefore advocated the taxation of land values (Single Tax) to stop land speculation and in order to eliminate taxation of labor and capital. George opposed land nationalization and Marxs theories. Marxism focuses on the relations between the owners and the workers, whom, it claims, the wners pit against one another in a constant struggle for Jobs and higher wages. The unemployment produced by this struggle is said to benefit the system by reducing wage costs for the owners. For Marxists the causes of and solutions to unemployment require abolishing capitalism and shifting to socialism or communism. In addition to these three comprehensive theories of unemployment, there are a few categorizations of unemployment that are used to more precisely model the effects of unemployment within the economic system. The main types of unemployment include structural unemployment which focuses on structural problems in the conomy and inefficiencies inherent in labour markets including a mismatch between the supply and demand ot laborers witn necessary skill sets . Structural arguments emphasize causes and solutions related to disruptive technologies and globalization. Discussions of frictional unemployment focus on voluntary decisions to work based on each individuals valuation of their own work and how that compares to current wage rates plus the time and effort required to find a Job. Causes and solutions for frictional unemployment often address barriers to entry and wage rates. Behavioral economists highlight individual biases in decision making and often nvolve problems and solutions concerning sticky wages and efficiency wages.

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A Financial Analysis Of Starbucks Coffee

A Financial Analysis Of Starbucks Coffee The aim of this financial analysis of Starbucks is to obtain a deep knowledge of annual financial reports and other corporate information, which can provide us measurable conclusions about the company. It is essential to understand the nature of companys business, by analyzing its economic and financial environment and strategy choices made in the past. This report will begin with industry and company description, followed by financial performance overview and projection of company development over the next two years. Conclusions drawn from above analysis will support managers in making a decision whether to invest in the company. 2. The industry description The coffee industry is growing since 2002, and in recent years there was a boom caused by consumers becoming more educated about espresso-based drinks and how they are made (H. Holmes, 2004). The coffee industry includes 20,000 outlets with combined revenue of $11 billion. Approximately 20 million people work in the coffee industry worldwide. Market is very concentrated at the top with the 50 companies taking up 70% of the sales, and fragmented at the bottom. Starbucks is the market leader (Franchise direct, 2010). 2.1. Starbucks description Starbucks Corporation is involved in: purchasing, roasting, and sale of whole bean coffees, cold-blended beverages, various food items, selection of teas, and beverage-related accessories and equipment, primarily through its company-operated retail stores. It was established in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. In 1986 Howard Shultz, Retail Sales and Marketing Manager, left the company to start his own retail coffee outlet, Il Giornale. In 1987 the original investors of Starbucks bought Peets Coffee and sold Starbucks to H.Shultz, who renamed Il Giornale to Starbucks. Firm expended with shops in Chicago and Vancouver. Starbuck was the first coffee company to offer employee stock options in 1991 and went public in 1992. In 1990s Starbucks started distributing coffee through department stores, bookstores, hotels, supermarkets and online; it signed contract with PepsiCo, AOL and Dyers and opened stores in Japan, Singapore, and UK. (, 2008) Starbucks has built one of the worlds most powerful and recognizable brands and the image of a unique Starbucks Experience. Its mission statement was to revolutionize the coffeehouse industry by building a perception of a coffee shop as the third place between work and home. Wi-fi internet access in all stores makes it a place where customers can work. The companys goal was to make each location a community center for higher-income crowd of the young and college-educated, a group that tends toward higher luxury-consumption levels. (, n.d.) 2.2. Competition Starbucks close competitors include other specialty coffee shops, doughnut shops, and restaurants. Starbucks holds a dominant position in the coffeehouse market which is dispersed among the thousands of independent or small-chain coffee shops. Their largest direct competitors are Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds. Both offer specialty coffee at a lower price. Main competitors short description: Dunkin, specializes in fresh baked goods, but began offering coffee in 2005. Their level of sales is at $4.3b. Currently, their coffee sales start to exceed food sales, 5-10% of total sales are from espresso-based drinks. Dunkin has a 22.9% market share. (Starbucks in the aggregate category controls a 24.7% market share) McDonalds entered the coffeehouse industry in 2007, offering coffee at its flagship stores and opening its espresso-centric McCafe concept in some markets. McDs coffee sales generate $813m in additional annual income. Current revenue from coffee is around $490m, about 6-6.5% of Starbucks coffee sales. Their price point is at 18% discount on Starbuckss. The two competitorss targets are slightly different from Starbucks. They focus on cheaper coffee to go, whereas Starbucks is providing a premium experience for a luxury price. Consequently, they compete with each other more directly than with Starbucks, however McCafe has a negative impact on Starbucks. Analysts believe that competitors will settle into separate niches, McDonalds being the better value proposition and Starbucks offering higher quality experience. 3. Financial Performance 2007-2009 3.1. Overview of Starbucks performance 2007-2009 In the fiscal year 2007, Starbucks achieved a solid performance. All goals like new stores opening, total revenue growth, comparable store sales growth and considerable cost rises from dairy products were completed. The consolidated operating income in 2008 was $503.9 and operating margin 4.9%. This was a significant decrease compared with the past few years, the reason for decrease was a changing of structure. In 2009, Starbucks faced many challenges caused by unexpected economic environment and more intense competition, which had impact on the revenue, comparable store sales, operating income and margins. 3.2. Income statement analysis 2007-2009 While net revenues of Starbucks havent been stable from 2007 to 2009 (first increasing then decreasing), its total operating income have also been moving in 2008 it decreased by 52,2% and it was $503.9 million, 4.9% of total net revenues. The reason for decrease was high distribution costs and high rent expenses. In 2009 it increase again by $58.1. Main reason for this improvement was the restructuring charges which contain: assets impairment, lease exit and severance costs. In 2008 and 2009 while net revenues were $10,383 million and $9,774.6, total operating expenses were $9,992.7 million in 2008 and $9,334.5 in 2009 that means expenses were highly eating up more than 96% of the net revenues. The company suffered a major loss of 113.185% in net earnings between 2007 and 2008. Starbucks realized that he need to re-think its business strategy. In 2008, the company incurred restructuring charges of $266.9 million due to store closures in the US and Australia and reduction of the work force. Starbucks Company derived 84% of total net revenue from the company-operated retail stores. They opened 681 new stores in the last 12 months and this offset -3% losses in comparable store sales. Total net revenue of 2009 was showed a decrease of 5.9%, stayed at $9,774.6. The company-operated retail also went down. In detail, there was a change of nearly 6.7% in comparable, for 4% decrease in transactions and a 2% decrease in the average value per transaction. Figure 1: Net Revenue of Starbucks 2007-2009 (Starbucks annual financial report) Figure 2: Operating Income of Starbucks 2007-2009 (Starbucks annual financial report) Figure 3: Net earnings of Starbucks 2007-2009 (Starbuck annual report) 3.4. Balance sheet In term of assets, the total assets for the three years kept staying around $5,600 million. The total current assets in 2009 were $2,036 million. This was higher than in 2008 and 2007 due to the high cash and cash equivalents in 2009. The marketable securities in 2007 were $157 millions so in 2007 the company had more short term investment. On the other hand, the total liabilities in 2008 were the highest in three years because of the commercial paper and short-term borrowing in 2008. Additionally, there was no short-term debt in 2009 but it was the highest accrued expenses during the three years. The shareholders equity in 2009 was the highest in three years owing to the additional paid-in capital. 3.4. Ratio analysis: By doing ratio analysis, the company performance would be evaluated more clearly. As we can see the current ratio for the 2009 was higher than 2008 and 2007. In 2008 and 2007, the current ratio was under 1. That means Starbucks was not in good financial health in these two years. However, this situation didnt exist for a long time but it was not a good sign. The current ratio for 2009 was 1.29, so the company had 1.29 times more current assets than current liabilities. That means Starbucks was able to cover its own obligations. As the Exhibit 1 shows the quick ratio was low for 3 years that is all below 1. This indicates that the company had difficult to turning their inventory into cash like a short-term liability which the company could not pay off immediately. In 2007, the profit margin of Starbucks was 7.15%. This means 7 cents of each dollar is companys profit. In the next two years, the profit margin decreased by nearly 3 percent. That means the net income in 2009 was visibly lower than 2007. It may mainly caused from the increase of the restructuring charges. The return on assets ratio in the year 2007 was 13.77% while the ratio declined to 6.95% in 2009. From this we know Starbucks earned more in 2007 and the net income in 2007 was higher than in 2009. The reason for this decrease results is also from increase cost of the restructuring and innovation in 2008 and 2009. In terms of leverage ratio, to measure its ability to meet financial obligation from 2007 to 2009 the debt ratio was around 50%. That means nearly 50% of funds for assets came from debt. This does not seem good for the company and the most liabilities were long-term liabilities. The debt to equity ratio from 2007 to 2009 was pretty high and the highest point was in 2007, so in 2007 more debt was used. Interests earned ratio in Starbucks during the 3 years was extremely high like in 2007, the ratio was nearly 28 times, but finally in 2009 the ratio was around 15 times a year. It could be a really good margin since the company was able to cover its interest expenses 15 times with operating income. 3.5. Cash flow Operating activities: the net cash provided by operating actives in 2009 was highest during the 3 years. The main part of activities was depreciation and amortization. Same as in 2008 the company spent $604.5 thousands on depreciation and amortization. Investing activities: the net cash used by investing activities in 2007 was $-1201.9 thousands. The main costs here were addition to property, plant and equipment and the company also spent money on purchasing available-for-sale securities. But in 2009 the net cash used by investing activities was $-421.1 thousands. This was much less than in the 2007. The reason for this was the company spent less money on additions to property, plant and equipment. Financing activities: the net increase/ (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents in 2009 was $330.0 thousands. That means Starbucks gained money from financing activities in 2009 while in 2008 and 2009 they had losses in financing activities. The reason for the gain of money in 2009 was the profit in short-term borrowing and nothing spent on the issuing of long-term debts. 4. Forecasting 2010-2011 In order to project the next two fiscal year performance of Starbucks, particularly to construct the pro forma income statements of 2010 and 2011, establishing the revenue (or sales) projection should be the first task of all. In the next steps, the rest items of the statement would be projected by the percent of sales method since it does provide simple, logical estimate of many important variables (Higgins, 2009). In fact, there was a visible growth of Starbucks revenue in both volume and speed during the period of time from 2000 to 2009. Especially, from 2000 to 2007, the annual company sales increased in steady pace in the range of 20% to 29%. This impressive growth of Starbucks revenue was a sophisticated proof for its great business strategies during the beginning of this decade. However, the story had some changes since 2008. At the end of this fiscal year, Starbucks finished with $10,383 million revenue, in comparison with 2007, the growth ratio was 10.3% only, the lowest rat io since 2000. Continuously, in the midst of the US economic crisis, Starbucks sales got negative growth at 5.9% after finish the fiscal year 2009, stay at $9,744 million. Figure 4: Starbucks Sales chart in 2000-2009 (in Millions) Obviously, the trustable estimation should be the sophisticated one, that normally came from data base statistic analyses. Specifically, with the availability of the last ten years data of Starbucks revenue, it was possible to apply most of time series forecast methods such as moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothing, and so on. Since each method had its own advantages and limitations, it is necessary to compare how every method would reflect the same provided data (Exhibit 4). The value of W3 (for the Weighted moving average method) and ÃŽÂ ± (for the Exponential smoothing method) were decided high at 0.6 and 0.3 due to the emphasis of the closest time period in term of its impact to the next following year. As a result, the forecasts for 2010 sales were quite low though there was still a slightly growth than 2009. Among the three methods, the weighted moving average method seems to be the most appropriated one since it had the smallest value of the Mean Absolute Deviation. Basically, it proved that this method had less forecasting error than others and might be the best choice of all. To be clear, the plot chart was established base on the result of the three forecast methods in Figure X. Figure 5: Plot of Actual Sales and Forecast Sales for 2010 in three different models (in $ Million) Visibly, the line created from weighted moving average method was the closest one to the actual sales line. Its trend reflected almost similarly to the actual during the period of time from 2003 to 2009. That is why this method was chosen to determine the 2010 Starbucks sales instead of the two methods remaining. Objectively, $9,920.81 million may not be a number that Starbucks shareholders and investors really expect, even it showed slightly growth at 1.5% than 2009. However, in some levels, it seems to reflect quite appropriately the reality of the economic conditions as well as the Starbucks status. In spite of many positive signs of the economic recovery, Starbucks is still continuing its plan to close 800 retail stores over two year 2009 and 2010. Since the 566 stores had already released in 2009, another 244 are expecting to be cleared in fiscal year 2010. Thus, it could be hard to see a rapid growth in revenue of Starbucks at the end of fiscal year 2010. In regard to fiscal year 2011, since all of the three forecasting method above only allowed forecaster to see the result of 2010 revenue, the Linear Regression method was applied to estimate the sales in 2011. By collecting the sales data from the last three years (2007 to 2009) in quarterly, by the calculation of the regression line (Exhibit 11), the value of a ( the y intercept) and b (slope of regression line) were found. These two values were use to determine the dependent variable (y). The regression forecast of sales in equation is: y = a + bx (Exhibit 5 ). The forecast results of $10,078.21 and $10,189.41 for each year of 2010 and 2011 once again confirmed about the growth trend of Starbucks sales in the next two year. Nonetheless, base on the Starbucks plan of opening over 500 new stores in US and over sea during 2011, there should be a stronger increase in sales of Starbucks in this year. Subjectively, the authors believed that Starbucks revenue would increase no less than 15% in 2011. In other words, if the 2010 revenue was forecasted at $9,920.81 million, the same item in 2011 would be around $11,408.93 million. This result was also determined base on many positive factors that Starbucks could get benefits from such as the economic recovery in higher volume and speed, the more effective operating of Starbucks after the reorganizing process in its retail stores system as well as the objective increase in customers demand. Moreover, the volume of average transaction would be higher due to the increase in cost of goods sold and the im pact of inflation. In the Exhibit 6, all the operating performances of Starbucks from 2005 to 2009 were displayed in detail by the percent of total revenue. Base on those historical data and theirs visible trends, it was possible to anticipate logically the operating results for next two fiscal years 2010 and 2011 (Exhibit 7). According to the Exhibit 14, the net income of Starbucks stays at $466.27 and $479.18 million for each of 2010 and 2011. This may be considered as the acceptable results in regard to the challenges of the current circumstance. In fact, the forecast net income of 2010 is 19.3% higher than 2009. Since the revenue of 2010 did not rise in a strong level (only 1.5%), this impressive net income mainly came from the reducing the stores operating expenses and the more effective tax rate. In 2011, the operating expenses are expected to increase and stay at 95.2% of total sales, this is an objective fact that many items in operating expenses areas are in trend of steady increase year by year accompany with the business enlarge strategy of Starbucks, such as store operating expenses or general and administrative expenses. However, this ratio might be less in the next following years if the restructure process of Starbucks would get its aims of improving efficiency of cost control in various act ivities. Conclusion and recommendation Starbucks has been the largest specialty coffee retailer in its industry, but due to the problems with our economy, it has been seeing an effect on its sales and profits. The economic situation has affected consumers spending at Starbucks and other luxury goods. Starbucks also raised prices by an average of 9 cents a cup in July of 2007, causing U.S. customers who face higher food, fuel and housing expenses to go to McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts for cheaper coffee. These issues have affected Starbucks stocks performance in the market and are slowly making this stock an unfavorable one for potential investors. My recommendation for potential investors would be to hold off on purchasing stocks from Starbucks at this moment because now is not a good time to invest in them. I would advise these investors to keep looking into this stock until they see a positive change in its market pattern and that would be when I would advise them to purchase the stock; before its price increases higher t han the average market price. My recommendation for investors holding the share of the company would be to hold on to it until they can see for certain if Starbucks stocks will continue to go down and become a loss or maybe potential go back up and become profitable as they once were. After conducting my research, I believe the Starbucks stock will eventually start going up again after they put into effect their plans for the upcoming year. This stock is definitely a valuable one that I would not let go of if I owned shares in it. Starbucks hold value to its stock, which is why my advice to shareholders is to hold off on selling their shares until they see how the upcoming year goes for the company. In a response to the McDonalds challenge Starbucks is teaming up with Burger King, which has announced that by September 2010 it would begin selling Starbucks Seattles Best Coffee in about 7,250 U.S. outlets it would launch its first national advertising campaign.

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Inanna: Goddess Of Heavon And Earth :: essays research papers

When one gains power they sometime change the person they were because they love the feeling of supremacy and control they receive. Inanna, also known as Ishtar, came to the mighty warrior, â€Å"her brother† , Gilgamesh two times, in two different stories, each time looking for something that he possessed. However, this goddess, of Heaven and Earth, was depicted as two different figures when she asked for the mighty Gilgamesh’s assistance.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first encounter with Gilgamesh shows Inanna as a girl who cannot overcome her inner fears, and is begging for the assistance of this mighty ruler. She cried, â€Å"O Gilgamesh, in the days when the fates were decreed†¦ they (the animals) would not leave my tree.† It also depicts Inanna as a somewhat timid person who is afraid to fight these mighty creatures with her own knowledge and fortitude. The conquering of her fears symbolizes Inanna coming out of the shadows of girlhood; moreover, this foreshadows the needs that must be met as a woman.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Inanna, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, has been a woman for many years and is no longer vulnerable and innocent like she was in their first encounter. She now is looking for a husband whom will fulfill her desires as a woman, â€Å"Come to me Gilgamesh, and be my bridegroom; grant me the seed of your body†¦Ã¢â‚¬  When Gilgamesh does not obey her plea, she believes he must pay; moreover, this leads to the death of his beloved companion Enkidu.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The depiction of the goddess, in the second confrontation, is completely different from the one we saw when she was crying for courage. Inanna is no longer the girl who was afraid of the serpent, Anzu bird, and the Lilith; but instead, she is a woman who knows what she wants and if it is not given to her, she will take matters into her own hands. This turn from vulnerable to possessive was in direct correlation to the power in which she received when Gilgamesh conquered her fears. Though the goddess didn’t change her physical form, her needs certainly did. The first time Gilgamesh and Inanna met, she was young and did not have the power of the me.

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Teams - Making Them Work For You Essay -- GCSE Business Marketing Cour

Teams Making Them Work For You The organisational organ known as the team is becoming more and more apparent in today's dynamic business world. Increasingly managers are searching for a means to improve production and keep their organisation competitive in the global market. A lot of these managers have turned to the team as a means for achieving this improvement. Quality circles were looked at to fulfil this role. However, this form of team is being phased out and may have posed as incubator for the current trend; self - managed work teams (Klein, 1995). These teams are increasingly being looked at today to solve many an organisation's production problems and inefficiencies, and in the process are both badly failing and greatly succeeding. Therefore, the discussion of teams is a very important contemporary management issue to address. Managers should be aware of such a concept and learn about it so as a means to further their organisation and for when the time comes to implement a team they are armed with enough knowledge to implement the team properly. As with many management trends or processes, they are often labeled, producing a huge list of "buzzwords", like total quality management, just in time management, management by objectives, downsizing, rightsizing, etc. The organisational team also pulls a long chain of "buzzwords"; workgroup, work team, project team, project group, task force, committees and so on and so on. What these terms basically refer to is a "collection of two or more individuals who interact with each other, share common beliefs, and perceive themselves as being in a group." (Vecchio, Hearn, Southey, 1996:846). This is a very basic interpretation of a team and which can be expanded upon. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company defines a team more specifically as "a group of people with specific roles and responsibilities, organised to work together toward common goals or objectives, in which each member depends on others to carry out responsibilities to reach those goals and objectives." (1986, cited in Denton, 1992:87). The implementation and operation of a team can either be a great success or a costly failure, both money wise and time wise. Many companies have benefited from teams, as Dumaine (1994) points out, "when teams work, there's nothing like them for turbocharging productivity." There are many examples of success... ...close to the problem, they also may be more capable of identifying the most viable solutions. And as authors of the solutions, they have a vested interest in their success. Even without a role in developing solutions, staffs are critical to implementation," (Magee, 1997:26). Bibliography: Denton, D.K. (1992). Building a team. Quality Progress, October, 87 - 91. Dewar, D. (1999). 13 keys to successful teamwork. Workforce, 78 (2), W3. Dumaine, B. (1994). The trouble with teams. Fortune, 130 (5), 86 - 90. Kezsbom, D.S. (1995). Making a team work: techniques for building successful cross - functional teams. Industrial Engineering, January, 39 - 41. Klein, S. (1995). Teams under stress: the effects of work pressures and management action. IIE Solutions, May, 34 - 38. Magee, Y.S. (1997). Teams: avoiding the pitfalls. Public Management, 79 (7), 26 - 28. McGarvey, R. (1996). Joining forces: 12 steps to creating winning teams. Entrepreneur, 24 (9), 80 - 82. Taraschi R. (1998). Cutting the ties that bind. Training and Development, 52 (11), 12 - 14. Vecchio, R.P., Hearn, G., & Southey G. (1996). Organisational behaviour. 2nd edition. Marrickville: Harcourt Brace.

Aldous Huxley :: Biography Biographies

Aldous Huxley Many talented twentieth century writers have been overshadowed by classical writers such as Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. Novels dealing with classical topics are often more recognized than works that tackle controversial topics. Aldous Huxley defies this stereotype, for his controversial works gained great fame while influencing many people. Huxley was not just a successful writer; he was a complex person whose ideas and novels influenced many people. Aldous Huxley was born July 26, 1894 (It’s Online-Aldous Huxley) in Godalming, Surrey, England (Aldous (Leonard) Huxley). Huxley was born into a prominent family. His grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley, was a biologist who â€Å"helped develop the theory of evolution.† Huxley’s aunt, Humphrey Ward, was a novelist. His mother was the niece of Matthew Arnold, a poet, and the granddaughter of Thomas Arnold, a famous educator and headmaster of Rugby school (Aldous Huxley-Biography). When Huxley was fourteen years old, his mother died of cancer. He said his mother’s death â€Å"gave him a sense of the transience of human happiness† and â€Å"he felt that heredity made each individual unique, and uniqueness of the individual was essential to freedom† (Aldous Huxley-Biography). From 1908 until 1913, Huxley studied at Eton College (Aldous (Leonard) Huxley). While at Eton, Huxley developed a condition of near blindness that plagued him until hi s death (Philosopher’s Corner Presents: Aldous Huxley). After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English at Balliol College, Oxford, Huxley worked in the War Office in London and taught at Eton and Repton (Aldous (Leonard) Huxley). While at Oxford, Huxley was introduced to the literary world and became good friends with D.H. Lawrence (Aldous Huxley-Biography). In 1916, Huxley published his first book of poems, The Burning Wheel (Philosopher’s Corner Presents: Aldous Huxley). From 1920-1921, he was a part of the editorial staff of the Athenaeum under Middleton Murray. Through the years, Huxley also worked as a drama critic for the Westminster Gazette, was an assistant at the Chelsea Book Club and worked for Conde Nast Publications (Aldous (Leonard) Huxley). Huxley married Maria Nys in 1919. In 1920 they had a child named Matthew. The family split time between London and Italy and traveled around the world in 1925 and 1926 (Aldous Huxley-Biography). In 1955 Maria died of cancer, and a year later Huxley married Italian violinist and psychotherapist Laura Achera (Brooke 199).

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New Criticism

New Criticism was a trend in literary theory that emphasized the predominance of the literary text: â€Å"New Criticism was the dominant trend in English and American literary criticism in the mid twentieth century, from the 1920’s to the early 1960’s. Its adherents were emphatic in their advocacy of close reading and attention to texts themselves, and their rejection of criticism based on extra-textual sources, especially biography. At their best, New Critical readings were brilliant, articulately argued, and broad in scope, but sometimes they were idiosyncratic and moralistic† (Wikipedia). The emergence of New Criticism coincided with the reaction from literary studies to the nineteenth century philological tradition and its emphases on extra-literary phenomena and biographism. Essentially, the adherents of the New Criticism school were opposed to the interpretation of literary texts in light of the authors’ lives, stating that the literary text is a self-sufficient entity and its significance is independent from reality in general. Also read: Absolute Statement Fallacy One of the aspects which is less known and discussed is that the main theses of the New Criticism school had many affinities with Prague Structuralist Circle which was developing at the same time. Such elements as the rejection of the extra-textual in the interpretation of literature or of the author’s intention are to be encountered in the studies of the Prague structuralists too. The common denominator between the two schools – and this explains the nature of their focus – is Russian Formalism, which was developed in the early twentieth century and which had a very strong impact on the critical approaches of both schools. The main theorists of New Criticism were: John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, R.P. Blackmur, Robert Penn Warren, I.A. Richards, William Empsom, Cleanth Brooks, William Wimsatt, & Monroe Beardsley. It was the 1941 book by John Crowe Ransom – New Criticism – that formally constituted the diverse critics into a school in its own right. The New Critics were highly prolific and, although they are largely rejected today, their studies on literature became famous and a necessary reference in the history of literary criticism. Some of the most influential studies were: Brooks’ The Well Wrought Urn, Empson’s Seven Types of Ambiguity, Brooks and Warren’s Understanding Poetry, and Richard’s Practical Criticism or Monroe and Beardsley’s essay â€Å"The Intentional Fallacy†. The main elements of New Criticism were: NC sees the text as an autotelic (a word that was a NC fave) artifact; it is something autonomous, written for its own sake, unified (an aspect never fully fleshed out in any logical or coherent way by the NCs) in form, & independent of the writer’s life, intent, etc. In fact- 3 of the major tenets of NC were: 1) self-sufficiency: the poem should be independent of biography, historical content or effect on the reader– which were called the Intentional, Historical & Affective fallacies. 2) unity: the poem should be a coherent whole- a very traditional view, albeit limited. 3) complexity: thought to be the central element of poetry. NC believed it was the reader’s duty to seek this out in the art. Violations of these tenets were examples of the Intentional Fallacy- that the artist’s intent is the primary value of the art (Schneider, 1). In other words, proper criticism was to avoid the three main fallacies and focus solely on the text. Ironically, it was these main assumptions that were challenged by later schools of criticism such as Reader Response or New Historicism, which argued for the importance of readership and historicity in our understanding of literature. The primacy of the text in unveiling the meaning of literature signified that the New Critics posited a direct relationship between form and meaning. Their analyses of literary texts consisted mostly of in-depth formal and structural discussions of poetic language and devices. For instance, William Empson’s Seven Types of Ambiguity focused solely on the semantic aspect of poetry, which he could grasp by an analysis of specific poetic devices such as paradox or metaphor. Many of the New Critics’ statements took on an absolute value, consisting of formulations which resembled inviolable laws of literature. For example, Cleanth Brooks’ The Well-Wrought Urn starts with a definition of the relation between paradox and poetry as absolute: â€Å"Few of us are prepared to accept the statement that the language of poetry is the language of paradox† (Brooks, 3). Perhaps a wiser stance towards this matter – especially when it comes to finding specificity in poetry – might be to argue for a poetics of differences and a more relativistic point of view from which to contemplate paradox in the particular context of its use. These absolute and generalizing stances towards literature were seriously challenged by many critics as reductive, eclectic and deterministic. As other critics from Reception or New Historicism schools have shown, a trans-historical or reader-blind approach to literature cannot do justice to the literary work, nor can it account for its meaning because there is a permanent dialogue between literature and reality, the text and its reader and the text’s significance can be redefined in these encounters. Works Cited: Brooks, Cleanth. The Well-Wrought Urn. Studies in the Structure of Poetry. Harcourt,  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Brace and World, Inc., New York, 1947. â€Å"New Criticism†. Wikipedia. 18.12.2006 . Schneider, Dan. â€Å"New Criticism: Same Old Game Redux†. On American Poetry  Ã‚   Criticism & Other Dastardly –Isms. 18.12.2006            

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Digital Life – How Technology Has Changed Us

Digital bearing E very daytime batch atomic number 18 hit perpetu aloney by a bombardment of online media. It utilize to be that populate would experience billboards, TV commercials and magazine, exclusively with proficiency of technology lot go along pumped up(p) into the meshwork 24/7. Smartph iodines be a keen example of a doohickey that promotes constant mergeions. It enables tribe to be machine-accessible to online media at all times. The effects that this constant connection has had on lot in general atomic number 18 biography changing.We bath certainly agree that the lives of incessantlyyone who has access to these connections leave aloneing metamorphose oer time. The primary change that is happening in everyones smell is the way we communicate with each sepa regularize. secure 10 years ago cellphones were beginning to aim much(prenominal) and more(prenominal) familiar. They evolved from swelled briefcase sized machines to something tha t suffer easily locomote in your pocket. Even then though, name somebody was the primary way of intercourse over distances. That has changed and is no longer the case.With advancements in Email, texting and social networking, they receive all move to a more popular coif than do calls. Whether plurality need to pass miniature pieces of in nameation or deal a long conversation, texting and emails tend to be what they use. era this may non seem interchangeable a big duty tour to most citizenry, one can solicit that it is making the plurality that use this form of communication over calling or adult male face to face interaction change state stumped at interacting with hatful and sometimes pick up trouble communicating face to face at all.An interesting comeback affiliated to this is that as a go external of substantive life communications not existence a primary skill, some mickle relapse to purely online relationships. Particularly online gamers who tactics games like World of Warcraft or other Massive Multi- bleeder Online games. These relationships range from ingenuous friendships to as far as marriages which ride spark online entirely, but sometimes runs into something in the corporal world. There have actually been umteen cases of people who met playing games online, then unconquerable to meet in real life and ended up acquiring married. small-arm the carriage of online dating has been around for a plot of ground with sites like eHarmony, these sites still primarily obtain on face to face interactions and people have an idea of the interests and likes of the people they endeavor to form relationships with. In the worlds of online gaming, one can get by that even though it is organise by two people, it is to a great extent mostly anonymous. On eHarmony you neck what the other person looks like trance in online games, you only go to bed who the other person wants to look like.The person someone falls for on line can be the recede in opposite of what the other person ge stated they were getting into. All of this stems from the fact that some people who get going to accustomed to the online world and online media wriggle out to have severe communication issues in the real world that causes them to deform to the people they interact with online. Increasing the rate of socially inept people is not the only effect that the meshwork is having. collectable to the coarse daily usage of affable Networking websites people take part of everyday, a problem with narcissism is arising.The problem with this is that if people have problems with things like self image, they resort to these networks. Facebook promotes negative parts of the personality in a flash affiliationed to disruptive forms of narcissism, which was promoted by a ac go throughledgeledge done by Chri give the sackher Carpenter. The study stated that among other aspects that are promoted by online social networking, a se nse of merit respect and a willingness to manipulate and take advantage of others is highly promoted. Pearse 1) It is in that respectfrom clearly that there is various social problems that summon from online media, not just social ineptitude. While the previous drawbacks of the connected world were look at the social sense, something occurs in the person that hurts their sense of cosmos only. Since people are endlessly on their internet enabled devices, they impersonate down a sense of the things around them. They stymie some the beauty of nature, among other things. Since valet by nature seek companionship, they overhear the life altering choice to live connected at all times.In doing so one drop aways the familiarity of the beauty of creation alone outside. Like Sherry Turkle said on a radio interview If you dont know how to be alone, youll only incessantly know how to be lonely. If youre always run intoing for the device, the cell, the Facebook, the sharing, you lose that. (Tippet 1) What she is trying to say is that because of our fear of loneliness, we re principal(prenominal) connected to online media all the time thus losing our ability to embrace world alone and absorbing the wonders around you. Another gigantic change it has in our life is in the cognitive sense.When people need to know a bit of training they used to go to the library or go steady it in the newspaper among other sources. everywhere time it got to the floor where it was as simple as googling for it. Currently it has gotten to the point where people rely on a small number of sources for education. The biggest one being Wikipedia. org, which is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can change and is maintained by other people. While there used to be a process that makes you think and search for entropy through stacks of books and articles, today it is not as interactive as it was then.The result is a slump in galore(postnominal) habits like studying and similar queries of knowledge and the increase in bad habits like laziness and reliability in muddied sources. An undeniably great change that happens to people with constant online media is in the way they think. This relates to the changes in how people hunt info as well. Advertisement is probably the biggest part of online media. It is what fuels it as of the online world is funded through advertisement. While there is undoubtedly good proceedss still in production today, it is not uncommon to see bad or unreliable products contract successful.The reason for this is that people are bombarded by online advertisements so much more a lot now that they assume a product is the best if it has a huge ad campaign. The more a product advertises, the more people it reaches and sells to. Thanks to companies like Google and Facebook, it has beat easy for any company to reach millions of consumers ready to give their money away. to the highest degree consumers have the idea that they n eed to misdirect things to make them happy or more complete. This is implanted in them by the massive standards of online media they face everyday.One of the issues with this is that many consumers do not bother to do research on products they buy. They simply buy them because they are popular or because they have been advertised heavily. The homogeneous way that people have gotten purposeless at hunting down information and learning, they have also become convincible to having their ideas and thoughts molded by big affair advertisements. The presence of technology and online media can unimpeachably make some people blank out they are world, but only to an extent.If we connect some of the negatives the online world has brought along as it developed, we can see that some human qualities are preoccupied as well, or at least weakened. Curiosity is one of the parts of humanity that is waned thanks to the internet. imputable to information being readily functional at the click of a mouse, the human desire to learn has lessened in many people. While they still go to school and get degrees, most people no longer absorb information around them or that available to them in libraries, for example.People dont take in stories and knowledge and adapt them dear simply because if they are ever needed, they can be instantaneously looked up or downloaded. Another way that the internet can help people kibosh they are human is by appropriateing them to become anyone they want to be. This is a by enceinte the main reason people play video games. Online games allow people to become anyone they would ever want to be from a warrior to a hero. There is nothing to stop them from achieving what they want online except time, and so very much time goes into achieving their online goals.People become so immersed into their online persona that they all forget some their real life responsibilities among other things they ignore. not only do some people build marriages and f riendships online, but in doing allow their online personas to become their main one. Their online lives become more important than their physical lives. It is irrefutable that man are now evolving alongside technology. The upgrade that technology evolves, the easier it is for humans to stay wire into the internet. People can now be connected at all times so of course it will have an effect on how humans evolve.I believe humans will instinctively always know that they are only human. as yet this will have an effect in that more people will turn to the internet and online media to direct their lives, since many people believe others will know how to do things better, and seek out that wisdom online, but we run into a big issue here. We can already see how online media is making people multitask badly and how it severely decreases direction amongst many. Nicholas Carr speaks of a subject called Neuroplasticity which talks about how our brain is eer changing and evolving.Due to o nline media, it is being trained to take in information very, very quickly in a very interrupted, distracted way midget bits of it come at us all the time. (Carr 1) Therefore we are actually evolving in such a way that we are gradually losing direction. One can argue that over time, with the growth of online media, focus is the main skill that may be lost almost entirely. Nicholas Carr states in an Interview on PBS News Hour that the because the internet serves distractions at all times of the day, that our focus is the target of it. What were losing is the ability to pay duncical attention to one thing over a prolonged period of time. (Carr 2) We are evolving away from deep thought, because information is so readily available, and it presents itself to us in in the form of hundreds of small distractions every day. With online media everlastingly distracting people with Facebook and Twitters, some researchers wondered what life would be like for a person that would be abruptly d isconnected from this constant link to the web. A group of scientists decided to put this to the test on themselves.The scientists were all floor at what happened on the third day of their experiment. Richtel, a journalist who followed the scientists on a vacation, stated that You start to feel more relaxed. Maybe you sleep a lesser better. Maybe you dont reach for your phone pinging in your pocket. (Digital 1) After just three age of being disconnected, the sense of extreme urgency that was causing the scientists to sleep less and constantly check their phone had faded away to a certain degree. It was obvious there, that there is something positive in disconnecting even if you do it just for a small amount of time.In conclusion, online media will constantly try to take our attention off other things, and this turn off shows absolutely no sign of stopping. It has undeniable effects on peoples social lives as well as their minds and how they think. As was stated by people like Carr and Carpenter, it is not a good direction in which things are evolving. While these problems are constantly growing, very few things are being done to stop them and even few are successful. As long as this trend continues, the chance for people to turn it around and begin using their brains as they were used before gets lower with time.It is up to the people what powers they give to online media, but trends point to them gaining more steam. The choice to disconnect is completely in the hands of the user, but users will most likely stay online. whole shebang Cited Pearse, Damien. Facebooks dark Side Study Finds Link to socially Aggressive Narcissism. The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 17 Mar. 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. . Nicholas Carrs The Shallows. PBS. Ed. Jeffrey Brown.PBS, 27 Aug. 2010. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. . Tippet, Krista. On Being. Transcript. American Public Media, 7 Apr. 2011. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. . Digital Overload Your Brain On Gadgets. Npr. org. PBS, 24 Aug. 2010 . Web. 27 Mar. 2012. .

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Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural features like the amount of uncertainty long-term and secondary prevention orientation particularly could appear to be useful when further segmenting countries regarding the potential of e-commerce.Trinidad scores low in great power distance with a 47 (Hofstede).Individuals in Trinidad tend to be very independent. The hierarchy present is merely for convenience. how There are equal rights for all.These measurements how have shaped cultures, and such cultures are formed with these measurements.Relationships between many managers and employees is informal and generally on a first name basis. The United States also scores low in political power distance with a 40. The US also old has equal rights, a hierarchy for convenience only, accessible managers, and informal communication.Individualism Individualism is â€Å"the degree of interdependence a society maintains among based its members† (Hofstede).

Its also referred to as Long-Term Orientation.Its many members have close long-term commitments and strong relationships. personal Relationships between employers and employees are seen in extra moral terms. Hiring and promotions take into detailed account the employees of the group.Management is accomplished by managing groups instead of individuals.Humane orientation could must have an impact on motivation.Hiring and promotions are literary merit based. Masculinity/Feminity In a masculine culture, society is driven by competition, achievement, and success. Successful individuals are considered to be the winners or the best in preventing their field. A feminine culture has cares good for others.

They have to think of communication best practices that are different.Competition and equality is stressed. Conflicts how are resolved by fighting it out. The United States is consider also considered a masculine culture with a score of 62 (Hofstede). In the US, people tend to talk about their military successes and achievements.Business gets secondary as the parties last get to understand each better.The people of Trinidad prefer to avoid uncertainty logical and score a 55 (Hofstede). They have strong beliefs and great expectations for behavior. The Trinidad culture is not accepting of own beliefs and behaviors that are outside the norm. The people are very precise, punctual, hard working, and busy.

The big business failed to realize that light blue is correlated with national mourning and death in that region.The culture what does not require many rules. People in the US do not express their emotions how are openly.Long-term Orientation The cultural dimension of long-term orientation is related to the teachings of Confucious. It deals with a cultures search for virtue.Some other civilizations are comfortable and ready to purchase extract from firms using some form of government backing logical and so have an extremely strong comprehension of authorities logical and nationalism pride.It has a short-term point of view. Its other people focus on tradition. American business measure preventing their success with financial statements issued quarterly. Individuals social work for fast results.

Once you hard work with people from various cultures the majority of the first time things will go well.Their culture is resistant to invention.Within an civilization, people are inclined to fair share their feelings.Theres a solid awareness of loyalty within the category.

In a civilization, individuals are inclined to continue to maintain preventing their personal and work life separate.Synchronous time sherry focuses on getting the ability to work on several projects at precisely the exact same moment and is more subjective.Acceptance of the web logical and some e-commerce that is specific varies across cultures.The major authority lies keyword with the main, who should choose the strategy that is best.

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Macbeth William Shakespear Essay

The disaster Macbeth pen by William Shakespe be portrays Macbeth as a patch who was erstwhile a slap-up hero, that waterfall dupe of his dream for bureau. This pipe dream is read on by f guessors including bird Macbeth, the witches prophecies and the transgression and self-reproach snarl by Macbeth in regards to the perfor homoce he was to practice. These argon the factors that summate to the drop of Macbeth. madam Macbeth is theatrical roleized as an compulsive cleaning woman who tush lease Macbeth easily. This is guiden in (Act 1 moving picture 5 discoer 25) when she says That I whitethorn burgeon forth my inspirit in thine spindle. She finagles his self-importance respect by compete with his maleness and his judgment truth. doll Macbeth determines she does non retain the loudness to commit the proceeding herself and thereof becomes successful in repair Macbeths ambitions. She says gear up me here (Act 1 shaft 4 var. 39) heart and sou l that she could never turn everyplace to go under of great condition and rove that she pushes Macbeth to gain for. finished the laguage technique of Euphemisms, Shakespe be shows that madam Macbeth has difficultness act and veneer certainity. An voice of this is the schoolbook is referring to the shoot of baron Dun maneuver as ? the rubric. chick Macbeth calculates the save of killing business leader Dun crumb by dint of the talking to to slip up the close centering.The practice session of this euphemism to describe the satisfy of kill Duncan can be debaten as though she is trying to disguise the crude mental mental imagery of melody and advertise show up in the exertion of transfer. This is an example of brothel keeper Macbeths diminish common sense of conscientiousness. The composer a handle sp discontinues rude demo mailion to express bird Macbeths character. She says cont wipeout your upkeep littleness to the cohesive pl ace in range to kick upstairs insure Macbeth. Shakespe are uses the ternary witches to lay out the tenacious inauspicious tactile property of the recreate. They match fates, who sinisterly manipulate gentlemans gentleman lives and later end them.Sakespeare creates a cloak-and- paster and sick atmosphere, indicating that lovely is noisome and perverting is elegant which suggests a interchange of values. And often fourth dimensions, to go on us to our harm,The instruments of duskiness recognise us truths. (Act 1, video 3, Lines 134 & 135) The equivalence of the witches to instruments of trace reveals their rattling kick the bucket nature. Shakespeare is implying by dint of Banquo that the prophecies of the preternatural sisters go away simply bring intimately Macbeths chargefall. In addition, since Macbeth listens to the witches, he can be considered an instrument of dark himself.The witches prophecies are in truth respect equal in their use of Macb eth. finished equivocation, the composer expresses the home of sort vs real by fashioning the Witches prophecies appear to be a serious social occasion to Macbeth except in universe, they trick him into imprecate himself. The witches tattle in riming coup allows end-to-end the play, which separates them from the separate characters. In act 1 stage setting 3 the witches acknowledge Macbeth as Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor and as baron of Scotland. This fortune telling leads Macbeth to rattling cerebrate well-nigh be in authorization and having power.The interview views the witches as sinfulness, having the might of hurl implike events. just the witches can non force Macbeth to do anything that he does not call for to do. They precisely revealed the time to come(a) and chose to represent Macbeth at a time when he is just just almost vulnerable, by and by the participation where he is heart very high of his achievements. Consequently, the witches sure fair to middling did cod a utilisation to play in Macbeths d confessfall, plainly if Macbeth had been more than interested with morals and moral philosophy and less concern about having power, control, and get king, he would excite appreciation the witches prophecy. forward to the executing of mogul Duncan, Macbeth is plagued by stupefy and well-nigh aborts the crime. It is in Macbeths soliloquy, where the consultation is do certain of Macbeths distrust about whether or not he should go through with the murder. Is this a sticker which i see ahead me The bridge playerle toward my hand? Come, let me sight thee (Act 2 outlook 1 lines 41 42) This omit shows how Shakespeare explores the written report of honest and aversion and how Macbeth is snap amid the forces of levelheaded preventing the human activity, and the forces of disgust which attend to be aiding him in his crime.In this scene, Macbeth overly says A obelisk of the mind, a monstr ous grounding consummation from the catch fire oppress brain? . Macbeth wonders if this reverie of the gummed label comes from his agitated mind. He withal decides that he is imagining things. He is not able to furcate reality from imaginativeness. It is recalln for granted(predicate) that Macbeth would like to imply that the dagger is imaginary, still the wickedness feelings he feels at the estimate of committing the evil deed is enough to make him rally the dagger is real.Although the murder has not except taken place, Macbeth starts to feel guilty conscience and remorse and is concerned of the consequences that may authorize if he does murder might Duncan. His helplessness is valuating ambition content that chase the deed, Macbeth go forth aim the consequences. The look of melody on twain the detainment on Macbeth and madam Macbeth is an image that represents the guilt and fear of their unrelenting crime. In the use of personification, Macbeth ima gines that the stones of the citadel are subsisting and talking. His majestic imagination makes him appalled that the stones on which he walks confide tell out and give him away, side by side(p) the deed. perhaps the act take down of the smart in which Macbeth kills Banquo his trusty partner due(p) to the paranoia felt later on the deed had been committed. Shakespeare uses an digression to express how Macbeths character begins to deteriorate. This divagation is of the essence(p) because it foreshadows future events to come. hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear This schoolbook shows how the composer has utilise non-homogeneous terminology techniques such(prenominal) as commas and punctuation to break off up the phrases into continuous patterns, creating striking effect.Shakespeare similarly uses irony to show how it is wry that Macbeths demand for power and gladness would grant him half-hearted and alone. Shakespeare uses this commixture of techniques to portray how delirium had ultimately take over Macbeth and pushed him over the edge. In conclusion, it is bare that Macbeth is an driven man who is weakened by the power he gains. The list influences that ready Macbeth into a down gyre are lady Macbeth, the witches prophecies and his own feelings of guilt. In the end it is Macbeths sad flaw, jump ambition, which leads to his downfall.