Thursday, July 25, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communications Practice Essay

Integrated Marketing Communications Practice - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in accordance with Belch, any organization opts to keep an effective way of communicating with its customers. This way, the customers are informed of any improvement or change in the commodity. This ensures that there is a steady flow of information on the customers. Customers who are kept informed, about any change in the commodity produced by a company, have a sense of belonging, and they tend to develop loyalty to the commodity. In addition, Eagle, states that companies that employ IMC as a marketing technique achieve outstanding outcomes. Â  This is because they manage to coordinate the advertising process and enhance good public relations. An enhancement of a healthy relationship between an organization and its customers builds up a long-lasting customer base, which has to be maintained by ensuring trust and goodwill of all the participants. Ford Motors Company has a wide scope of markets of its unique model of vehicles, which co nstitute different models that suit the needs of their market segment. They have segmented the market into different categories that include personal cars, commercials vehicles, and trucks. Â  Since the foundation, this company has used various techniques in advertising their vehicles. Luck stipulates that any business must use an effective and reliable channel of communication so that their message will not be distorted. Ford Company has employed different forms of IMC, in order to reach the customers. The clients include the business sector, operating segments automotive which have distinct needs to be met.

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