Friday, July 26, 2019

Role of BBC in Broadcasting Britishness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Role of BBC in Broadcasting Britishness - Essay Example BBC has been in the forefront in covering stories on Britishness which is aimed at fostering unity since it is the work of media to educate, inform and bring the people together. Britishness entails that which explains the lives of the British people with an aim of uniting them. Britishness is associated with national symbols, people, culture and beliefs, geographical features, language, values and attitudes, national identity or citizenship and their achievements1. The Union Jack and the Royal family symbolized Britishness. Its geography is related with the Scottish highlands, Welsh valleys and the British Isles. The British people maintain their cultural values which include the kind of food and drinks they consume for instance the English breakfast, fish and chips, cucumber sandwiches and Yorkshire pudding, sporting activities by promoting2. Holding a United Kingdom passport was a perception that the minority ethnic groups associated with Britishness. British people were united by the fact that they spoke English with varied intonations due to geographical regions and the social classes. Advancement in several sectors for example industrialization, discovery of sporting activities and medicinal products is associated with Britishness3. ... or representing UK and its countries, initiate and promote innovativeness and cultural success by providing financial support for creativity, uphold citizenship and the general society and to expose United Kingdom to the world as well as to introduce the world to the United Kingdom4. BBC mission is to ensure that every activity they take part in meets at least one of its intended purposes. BBC took upon its mandate to unite the people of Britain by exposing the diverse cultures and identity of Britishness. BBC has been seen to represent Britishness through its programs; it has aired harmonized and mixed information that portray the image and identity of British people. BBC covered information about the empire and the monarchy highlighted shared practices among the people living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales5. BBC brought to light family and societal living among the British people by addressing that the empire was one family led by royals who instilled discipline, tradition s and peaceful coexistence. BBC did this by airing information on cultural ceremonies and overseas visits and by requesting kings to take part in Christmas broadcasts as they believed it would strengthen household Britishness values, practices and attitudes anywhere6. BBC initiated regional programs in Scotland and Wales. For example, a program on folk culture was aired with a focus on exposing the identity and the cultural practices of Scottish people although it was interrupted by the World War II7. BBC regional services contributed towards identity of the inhabitants of Northern Ireland by strengthening Britishness and establishing Ulster identity. BBC being the largest media broadcasting in the world has promoted Britishness by educating the Britons8. BBC has developed several learning

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