Thursday, February 13, 2020

Short answers Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Short answers - Coursework Example Any archeologist will say that an artifact’s context is as important as its characteristics for revealing information about the past. The importance of context may extend to a research setting whereby archeologists work. Awareness of the context enables public archeologists to recognize the impacts their research have on the communities within which they work, to include community members in the research as equal participants where they can and if opportunity arise and to actively engage in social change through the research (Stottman 141). At this stage of evolution, man was walking on all fours and had chimpanzee like body features. It is funny because there is a man in the photo who can walk with the legs only without using his hands. The other men are shocked and he is laughing at them but they are not amused. The gracile specimens from Olduvai George are Homo habillis but there are some provisos (Robinson, David & Ash). Their spinal cords’ opening is near the middle of the skull. The skull base is small but its width is bigger. Their faces are small in width and their nasal openings are sharply defined. Moreover, their post canine teeth are small. They had flat noses and projecting lower jaws that made them to look like apes. They had small brains, strong arms, curved fingers, small canine teeth, stood on two legs and walked upright (Robinson, David & Ash). Jane Goodall is a British anthropologist and primatologist presently celebrated for his immense contribution in research regarding chimps. This is especially in terms of their interactions and relations in terms on family structure carried out in

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