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Fashion Bloggers And The Fashion Industry - 2061 Words

Abstract Fashion bloggers have played a more and more significant role in fashion industry as the development of social media. Fashion bloggers, as representatives of fashion consumers, cannot only write about fashion, but can also participate by offering feedback and comments, enabling potential improvement of product designs. Despite the fact that social media offers an effective platform for two-way communication, many fashion houses have not embraced this concept in their business yet. Thus, this dissertation explores the beauty of fashion blogging in an attempt to answer the question how the fashion bloggers have influenced the fashion market through social media. Fashion bloggers employ a variety of platforms such as Instagram, designers post commercials, and videos to emerge as the voice for different brands or fashion items, interpreting fashion from their point of view. Further study seeks to analyse the reason as well as methods for extensive influences of fashion bloggers in the fashion industry. In addition, the research focuses on the present landscape of fashion bloggers to deliberate how the growth of the social media has given rise to new internet celebrities with regards to the fashion industry. In order to perceive the significance of fashion bloggers within fashion industry, Interpretivisim is adopted in this research due to complex and distinctive situations. Also, inductive approaches are used to derive a generalized theory from specific observations,Show MoreRelatedThe Fashion Of Fashion Blogs1530 Words   |  7 Pagesï ¼Ë†Introductionï ¼â€° This essay will argue that fashion blogger became one of the Fashion icons in this generation. At the beginning of the essay, I will explain the purpose of use fashion blogger as the topic; introduction of the society environment will be given as a support to identify the influence of fashion bloggers. After that fashion blogger’s historical and background will use SWOT analysis to conclude t he environment of blogger, then I will discuss how blogger relate to fashion marketing with example. (Purpose)Read MoreHow Fashion Blogs Use The Language Of Evaluation1745 Words   |  7 Pagesfollower of fashion blogs, which allows me to read about the very latest fashion from local, national and international sources. Fashion bloggers need to be very knowledgeable of trends and upcoming events if they want to inform the public of these. For fashion bloggers the purpose is not to write essays like magazine articles but short paragraphs evaluating trends and events. Here I will attempt to discuss and demonstrate how fashion blogs use the language of evaluation. Fashion bloggers need to beRead MoreThe Impact Of Digital Media On Modern Society1618 Words   |  7 PagesWith time and lots of improvements Internet replaced most of the physical published media. All fashion magazines are using nowadays digital platforms, websites and blogs to proof their published editions. New fashion media represents new technology and new IT generation, users of networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, websites and blogs. The main goal for the new generation is to democratise fashion journalism and adapt it to the newest innovations. This essay will discuss the rise of digitalRead MoreFashion Blogging is Big Business1657 Words   |  7 PagesFashion bloggers can earn to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And the bulk of the money isnt necessarily coming from brands paying for ads on their sites; it comes from brands paying the bloggers to endorse their products in various ways. (The Womens Wear Daily, fashion industry trade paper) A clothing label might hire a fashion blogger to style a runway show and tweet and blog about the project; or to serve as a model in their ad campaigns and post the images on their blog; or to simplyRead MoreCoordinate Brick And Mortar And Online Platforms1722 Words   |  7 Pagessingle purchase (Holdon). THE DIFFERENCE WITH LUXURY GOODS No two-brand identities are the same and it is crucial to consider what type of clothing the company will supply to its customers. There is a large difference in the way luxury and fast fashion brands operate which translates to how they create and maintain a brand identity. Some of the major differences are that luxury brands do not respond to rising demand because they want their product to be difficult to buy. The role advertising hasRead MoreFashion And The World Of Fashion1087 Words   |  5 Pages The world of fashion is always changing and new trends are always emerging. The ways by which trends and fashion news are communicated to the public has evolved as technology advances. Before television and the internet, it was difficult for designers, photographers, and fashion brands alike to spread word about the latest in fashion to a large mass of people. With the help of modern technology, fashion has made its mark in the world by appearing on television networks, online blogs, social mediaRead MoreThe Components Of Media Outlet1341 Words   |  6 Pagespitching a blogger. This paper will conclude with a summary of this discussion. Part 1 Overview of Haute Couture Haute couture is high end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Couture is a French word that means â€Å"dressmaking† in English but may also refer to fashion, sewingRead MoreZar A Business Strategy And The Brand Image1706 Words   |  7 Pagesthe world is currently locked, one would be forgiven to expect that fashion is the last thing on people s mind, especially the young and the middle-class. This is a population considered as low income and would spend much of their finances in other needs rather than fashion. However, Zara, a Spanish retail fashion giant, has achieved just that by providing clothing and fashion at an affordable price for those conscious of fashion. Zara has made a business out of promoting people to wear fashionableRead MoreFac tors That Influence Fashion Decisions Essay1995 Words   |  8 PagesRunning head: FASHION 1 FASHION 2 The factors that influence fashion decisions in the American clothing and apparels market Name Institution Fashion refers to the changing stylesRead MoreImpact Of Technology In Fashion921 Words   |  4 Pages Technological advancement in regards to Fashion As technology continues to progress fashion evolves right alongside. Before the invention of the tv the way to spread different styles and outfits was through sketches and designs. By this means it would take extended amounts of time to spread ideas of fashion from one place to another. The influence of technology on the fashion industry cannot be overlooked. Fashion is being rapidly offered to consumers at an amazingly fast rate. Nowadays

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