Thursday, January 16, 2020

Authoritarian Pmr Screed

AUTHORITARIAN PMR SCREED You will make yourself comfortable†¦ Once feeling comfortable and safe in your chosen place†¦ You will close your eyes†¦ Listen to my voice†¦ Any noises in the background are unimportant†¦ From now on, you will only hear my voice†¦ Concentrate on your breathing†¦ Breathe in†¦ Hold it for a few seconds†¦ Breathe out†¦ Notice how each breath in, is equal to the amount of time it takes to breathe out†¦ Repeat this one more time†¦ Now you are going to relax your mind and body by allowing any tension to flow from your head, to the extremities of your toes†¦ Keep concentrating†¦ You are in control†¦ You will be in control throughout this session†¦Continue with your breathing as you would normally †¦ Now relax the muscles in your scalp†¦ Think of your present position†¦ Your purpose for this exercise†¦ Your head is getting heavier and more relaxed†¦ Your subconscious mind will start to imagine the rest of your body relaxing, in order for you to achieve your set goal and reason to be here today. Let the muscles in your eyes relax†¦ Let the muscles in your ears relax†¦ Relax your nasal muscle†¦ Relax your mouth muscles†¦ Loosen your tongue†¦ Feel your palate with your tongue and relax, letting your tongue drop to the base of your mouth†¦ Keep your teeth unclenched†¦ Feel your facial muscles†¦ Relax your facial muscles†¦ continue with your breathing in†¦ and out†¦ You are now much more relaxed†¦ You are in control†¦ I will mention all the other muscles and parts of your body†¦ As you are in control†¦ And in contact with your own powerful subconscious you will feel completely relaxed as we carry on†¦ becoming aware and eager of reaching your goal†¦ bringing in satisfaction of achieving the change you want to achieve†¦ Release any tension in your neck†¦ Feel any tension flowing away from your neck†¦ You are going to relax your shoulders†¦ The top of your back†¦ Your uppe r abdomen, reaching to your lower abdomen†¦ Feel how much more relaxed you are†¦ A feeling that you have never experienced before, while continuing to breathe in and out with your breathing getting much smoother and more gentle†¦ Still concentrating on my voice†¦ Relax your hip muscles†¦ going down to the thighs and knees†¦ You are now feeling the benefits to you and on the way to achieving your goal†¦ Feel yourself getting much more relaxed s any tension continues to flow down your calves reaching the extremities of your toes†¦ Now you are feeling totally relaxed in mind and body†¦ Totally relaxed and ready to achieve the change that you want to achieve. Go through the suggestions from here: You will listen to my voice taking you through the changes you want to make†¦ As you are completely relaxed†¦ you will respond to my suggestion†¦ From now, you will stop smoking†¦ This is your wish and desire on which you will act on from now†¦ No one is able to make the change except yourself†¦ Think of the positives gained by yourself in total command†¦ your response is yours only†¦ You are the only benefactor†¦ Think of the harm cigarettes cause†¦ think of lungs being completely black†¦ foul smell from your mouth†¦your clothes smelling †¦ continue with your breathing in and out†¦ hink of your family†¦ Think of spending money on buying cigarettes as money going down the drain†¦Don’t turn them into passive smokers†¦ your health and that of your family matters†¦You will continue with further sessions which will help you achieve the change†¦ You are now going to come back in this room feeling much more relaxed and refreshed†¦ feeling less tensed as at the start of this session†¦ Think of all the benefits while you are gradually returning back to your normal awareness†¦ You know that you will be able to achieve thi s state when you want and when it is safe to do so. I will count from 1-5 and at 5 you will open your eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed with the sense of some achievements little this maybe for now. 1. Feel the chair/ bed beneath you 2. The noises from inside this room and outside are coming back 3. You are half-way there 4. Still feeling relaxed and refreshed breathing normally 5. Open your eyes gently looking around slowly getting acquainted with your surroundings†¦you are now completely back. Welcome back.

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