Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ancient Iraq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ancient Iraq - Essay Example The development of the sexagesimal numeral system helped in calculations such as the distance moved by the planets. These developments were significant contributions to science. Mesopotamian empires contribution to the governance system has formed the basis of government structures and organization in the modern dispensation. A centralized government system emerged from the demonstration by the Mesopotamian empires. A centralized governance system emerged as a result of better organization of communities and single plans3. Contributions to medicine began in the Mesopotamian empires and the evidence is inscribed within the code of Hammurabi. The code provides evidence of physicians from the Babylonian side who operated patient’s knives4. The physicians were to undergo serious punishments in the event of death of an individual. Diagnosis of various sicknesses and diseases were also introduced. Consequently, there were handbooks for herbal medicines and the various areas of their use. The modern art can be traced from the Mesopotamian empires, especially the ancient art and pottery5. Different forms of art such as mosaic, stone sculptures and megalithic arts inspired the emergence of arts to other parts of the

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