Thursday, September 12, 2019

Saudi Consumers Perceptions and Reactions Research Proposal

Saudi Consumers Perceptions and Reactions - Research Proposal Example Theoretical framework and hypothesis are also developed in the light of existing literature while in some cases the researcher has used practical examples to justify the points. The researcher has found that very few researchers conducted research on Saudi consumer’s perception regarding CSR initiatives of companies hence researcher has the scope to fulfil the gap in the literature by conducting research on the topic. Probable research methodology and timeline of the research work has also been discussed in the proposal while understanding significance of the research will be another pivotal aspect of this paper. Chapter 1: Introduction/Background In the last 50 years, the world has become increasingly global and the business world has seen development of various management concepts such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), stakeholder theory, corporate governance, corporate ethics etc. Nalband and Al-Amri (2013) pointed out that legitimacy has become key mantra for succe ss for corporate in the last 15 years. Research work of Nalband and Al-Amri (2013) reveals the fact that theoretical focus of the scholars are shifting from strategic management issues to legitimacy and good stewardship for companies. Stakeholders and shareholders are also demanding for good stewardship for directors in the organisations and integration is taking place in global capital markets. In such context, Nalband and Al-Amri (2013) has conjecturally pointed out that importance of CSR has been re-invented by companies in the last couple of years. In the changing world, CSR has two dimensions, 1- governments are encouraging companies to improve corporate governance practices and ensure ethical policy makings in order to raise capital collection from domestic and foreign investors and 2- companies are trying to increase social welfare & stewardship activities not only to provide social good to unprivileged sections of the society but also to improve brand image among external st akeholders such as customers. Nalband and Al-Amri (2013) found that Practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is quickly getting acceptance among organizations Saudi Arabia but for most customers, CSR is not more than a management jargon. Nalband and Al-Amri (2013, p. 285) stated that â€Å"Nobody in Saudi Arabia, I think still to this very day, can clearly tell the difference between charity or philanthropy and CSR.† Surprising fact is that, although Nalband and Al-Amri (2013) raised question on the understanding level of Saudi consumers regarding CSR initiatives of companies but till date, very few researchers have conducted research on the topic. Hence, significant amount of research scope exist for researchers to conduct research on the topic named as â€Å"Saudi Consumers perceptions and reactions to companies CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives.†

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