Thursday, September 12, 2019

Financial service management, please see below for further instruction Essay - 1

Financial service management, please see below for further instruction - Essay Example Redman (1995) teachings on achieving personal success were also an eye opener. Case reviews of successful people in finance like Warren Buffet have helped to understand that success involves planning and visualizing end results. SMART goals concept helped developing clear road map to success (O’Neill and Conzemius, 2006). To change the situation I used my personal values of dedication and flexibility. Use of skills set and behavior assessment toolkit has helped to rank and identity essential and desirable skills for success. I have now developed an action plan addressing my weaknesses in listening, financial understanding and team spirit. Success is seldom an individual’s effort but often involves working with others. I must admit that going through this course have to improve my people and personal skills. Before the course I had poor listening abilities, not a team player, challenges dealing with difficult people and poor negotiation skills. These weaknesses watered down my strengths of being assertive and developing mutual trust. Contrary to my past, I have improved in contributing to teamwork that we had during the course. I have also noted that by learning to listen, I have become a better negotiator as I know what to capitalize on in addition to dealing difficult people. I the past I often failed to understand what the problem was with people. Currently, I can comfortably say that I more accommodative of team members which has helped me to learn a lot. In my lower classes I thought I knew more than my classmates but am surprised by what I have learnt from them through listening and being a team player. C hapman (2006) skills set and behavior assessment toolkit used to assess essential people skills at the start helped me to develop an action plan to improve my weak areas with tangible results. However, I still have to work managing stress and conflicts, taking personal responsibility to solve clients’

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