Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Answering the paragraph Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Answering the paragraph - Essay ExampleCeramics- Nowadays advanced ceramic materials atomic number 18 used for building to befuddle turbine engines as they work more efficiently. Nowadays heat resistant ceramic tiles are used to protect during re entry. Modern ceramics contain more components that before and are known as ceramic oxides.High temperature ceramics are also lately used in air craftiness making. Engineered ceramics are increasingly being used in commercial and military aircraft, and have been used in the space shuttle and its equipment for many years. Polymers In modern aircrafts polymers are used to built airframe, window protection, interior trim, lightly stressed parts, and electrical insulators. The current invented polymer references are high in strength and freighter equal steel. New progression in polymer is the production of low cost polymers as polyethylene.. Composites composites are an integral part of aircraft structure and there had been a vast progr ession in this material within years. Composites like ceramic composites, polymer composites, carbon- fiber composites all have made the air craft develop vastly. Carbon fiber, aramid fiber is also common composites used for aircraft. Most of the airframe are made of composites and are highly cost effective and durable. ... Since decades, aircraft technology has changed and the desire of humans for better theatrical role and service has motivated the engineering world to find materials that are advanced. Now all the materials used for aircraft building have been progressed and many are less cost and have high durability. One of the advantages is that, new materials need less of maintenance and last for longer time. As the scientific world is improving the researchers want to make best use of nature and technology to satisfy customer needs and wants. Question 2. List 3 different nano materials and explain why they have get down the major buzzword in Science over the last 20 years. Nanomaterials are things that are made with nano particles and are produced using nanotechnology. They are chemical substance which has increased strength, conductivity and light weight. Nano materials are new invention in engineering field and are highly demanded for their sophistication. The different nanomaterials are as follows. Fullerenes Fullerenes are carbon structures made with nanotechnology and have hollow cage like form. It has 60 atoms of carbon and is composed of pure carbon molecule. It has a shape of that of a soccer ball or a dome. It is a highly promising element in material science as it can be used for aesculapian applications, fiber optics and super conductors. Fullerenes are similar to graphite in structure and can also come in spherical shapes. Carbon Nanotubes Carbon carbon nanotube is another nanomaterial which is made of carbon and comes in tube shape. They have a diameter which measures on a nanometer scale. Carbon nanotubes come in many shapes and size s with number of layers. They are formed from graphite

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