Monday, June 17, 2019

Digital Forensics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Digital Forensics - Essay ExampleIt also articulates the legal requirements for the logs to be admissible and the requirements for the governance administrator to be an expert witness. The paper further describes the requirements for one to qualify as an expert witness for testimony under the Daubert and the Frye tests.Digital Forensics, also called calculating machine forensics, cyber forensics, security forensics or forensic analysis is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to gather proof or evidence appropriate for presentation in a court of law. One can also define digital forensics as the practice of scientifically derived and verified techniques and tools to preserve, collect, validate, identify, analyze, interpret, document and present after-the- feature digital reading derived from digital sources in order to facilitate or further the rebuilding of events as forensic evidence (Willassen & Mjolsnes, 2005).While traditional evidence includes eac h concrete information like audio-visual documents, paper documents or scientific evidence such as DNA, which investigators use in trials, electronic evidence is any kind of information acquired by means of a device or any other digital medium that investigators can utilize to prove the certainty of a fact during a trial. According to Cybex digital collection company, majority of jurists including prosecutors, lawyers, judges, notaries and members of Judiciary Council hold onto the view that the validity of electronic evidence is corresponding to traditional evidence in trial.The aim of digital forensics is to perform an ordered investigation while upholding a documented series of evidence to detect precisely what happened on the scene of offense and who was accountable for it. Within the requirements and interpretation of law, digital forensics must have its basis on the science of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Before gathering any evidence, the suitable authoriti es

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