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METHODS OF INQUIRY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

METHODS OF INQUIRY - Essay ExampleRisk taking is known passim the world. Most human beings will concede that returns are commensurate to the level of childbed you invest into a given activity. In pre-agrarian societies, it was apparent that the more effort one puts into a given activity, the more returns that individual got. In agrarian societies, what one sowed was what he reaped. This is a general maxim and the more a soulfulness puts into a given activity, the more that individual got in return from the activities.The concept of work came with the attitude of people working hard to attain higher returns. In most tax jurisdictions, people are taxed for in survey from work, income from property and income from investments (Blankson, 2010). Incidentally, most poor people have no property business income nor investments. They tend to have a given source of income like a job or wages for hired activities. These individuals have little or no savings.On the other hand, cryptic people refer a lot of income and due to past excess funds, they tend to invest in property or in other businesses. These investments come with high returns and the returns are high enough to be considered a form of income which merits a tax.Poor people however have limited funds to save, allow alone invest. They only have enough to pay for their basic necessities and have little to set aside as extra income. Due to that, they tend to make little.However, the fundamental element and the fundamental assumption of Economics is that human ends are more than their needs. This is a universal thirst in all human beings. This is because the fairish human being has a wide array of expectations and desires. And these needs and wants can only be fulfilled through the attainment of higher earning capabilities. This is a desire that exists in both rich and poor people.By virtue of the fact that the rich have more money, they invest a lot of money into a given venture and this brings

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