Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Culture and Psychology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Culture and Psychology - Assignment ExampleAlthough the apartments of Japanese prostitutes be clean and well-maintained, yet they have lost much of the sense of dressing because of imitating European prostitutes. However, they may not be very well-educated. Hence, we can say that prostitution in Japan is a well-organized business.German prostitutes, in contrast, may be so educated that, Pitu (2011) writes that, In Berlin, you might meet a prostitute with a PhD. Prostitution became legalized in Germany in 2002. Since then, the business has been growing itself very rapidly. There are thousands of registered brothels in Berlin and other parts of the country. Street prostitution is very common, carried out under supervision of pimps. The factor that influences street prostitution is the economic instability of people, and particularly women, who become prostitutes to fulfill their financial requirements. Prostitutes as well serve to procure drug business. They also work at bars, where they lure men into buying expensive drinks and assistant sexual services.We see that in both the countries, the biggest factor that triggers prostitution is the financial instability of some groups of people, who bring their women into prostitution to meet their financial needs. These countries are also well-known for their sex trade or sex trafficking, in which women are forced into prostitution and are abused sexually. Since prostitution is legal, brothels place ads with government manipulation agencies to hire prostitutes. When not enough local women are recruited to fill the places in brothels, women from other places are brought via sex trafficking to work in the brothels. Hence, the factors that trigger prostitution in these countries are not cultural, but based on financial needs and business requirements.Japanese have been known to be very flexible in accepting foreign sexual behaviors within their own culture. Japanese do not show public

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