Friday, October 18, 2019

Cellular pathology Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cellular pathology - Personal Statement Example ence I obtained from King Abdul Aziz Hospital, I have confidence that I possess the necessary skills that form the basis for a career in medical diagnostics specifically cellular pathology. I have knowledge about the process of collecting samples from the patients and protecting them from contamination before commencing diagnostic procedures. At King Abdul Aziz Hospital, I had a comprehensive exposure and practice on the process of slide preparation and observation through medical microscopes. The laboratory department at the hospital analyzed both slides prepared from tissues and cells derived from body fluids (Hanon-Fletcher & Maxwell 43). The experience at King Abdul Aziz hospital inspired me to pursue a degree in biomedical science. This saw me relocate to UK where I am almost actualizing my aspiration. In UK, I have been going through a thorough training on laboratory techniques. The practical sessions had particular interest in diagnostics through cellular analysis. A major area am currently well conversant with is cancer diagnosis and it forms my primary reason for the interest in pursuing cellular pathology at West of England University. In addition, the course equipped me on how to obtain and handle pathological specimens for cellular analysis. My desire in life is to develop diagnostic procedures that are efficient and fast. Diagnostic procedures that are in use currently are not favorable to patients due to long waits. I would like to see patients get their results instantly and accurately. Cellular pathology looks at the origin of a disease at the cell level as opposed to the symptomatic diagnosis employed by most laboratories today. In the pursuit of my desire, undertaking my cellular pathology studies at the University will help me acquire the knowledge and skills for actualizing my desire. Knowing the basis of a condition in time is a prerequisite for managing the disease. Cellular pathology is the way to go as it gives the most accurate results

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