Thursday, October 17, 2019

Would You Be Willing To Swear A Hippocratic Oath Essay

Would You Be Willing To Swear A Hippocratic Oath - Essay Example With this concern the associate justice opined that lawyers should also be encouraged to swear a Hippocratic Oath, similar as the doctors. It is since then that the aspect have attracted various comments and headed to as a major controversial issue in the history of legal profession (Rocca, 2008). After a long controversy it was again suggested that the law graduates should be spelling an oath which was presented as an option to the final year law students. It was in this context, that certain people felt it to be unnecessary for the legal profession while few were in the favour of the oath (Laycock, 2010). However, the question still comes into view regarding the appropriateness and its efficacy in the realistic practices of the legal profession.... nt, it can be stated that the oath in actual terms can be highly beneficial for the society by reducing the occurrences regarding the misconducts of legal profession. It is worth mentioning that the professional and the ethical responsibilities of a lawyer play a major role in signifying the requirement of a Hippocratic Oath, which is in turn strictly driven by the legal system of a society. The legal systems practiced in the society are enforced with the ultimate objective to ensure the behaviour of the people is against any kind of crime or harm. Whereas, in technical terms these enforced legal systems are the accumulated versions of certain well-defined and specified statements to regulate and control the living of the society. Therefore, the statements need to be re-enforced in the real life practices and accordingly require to be monitored with the aim that the actions of peoples are not against the legal boundaries (Webb & Et. Al., 2007). Moreover, the actions needs to be judge d in-depth as in the practical consequences, it is not always that a person performing actions which are against the legal statements can be termed to be a criminal. For instance, a person who has committed a murder to protect himself in self-defence cannot be termed as criminal. Hereby, it is the duty of the lawyer or the legal professional to prove the real fact. Therefore, the core responsibilities of a legal professional are to increase the efficiency of legal statements and enhance the societies’ well-being. To be summarised, it is the professional responsibility of a lawyer to signify the efficiency and the integrity of the legal systems enforced to regulate and control various actions of a society. Therefore, the professional responsibility of a lawyer is of crucial value to the

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