Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Statement of Philosophy and Goals Essay -- Philosophy of Education Tea

Statement of Philosophy and Goals As a child playing school with the neighborhood children, I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Since the first day of kindergarten, watching the teacher teach us how to do basic things like counting, writing, and reading is what interested me in teaching. Throughout my elementary and secondary education I became even more interested in the teaching field. I thought that being a teacher would be the best thing in the world because a teacher has an immense amount of knowledge. Now I am in college where I am currently studying to be a secondary mathematics teacher. There are several reasons why I want to become a teacher, but the two most important reasons are to make a difference and to enrich the learning process. Everyone has to have some reason of why he or she decides to pursue his or her particular career choice. I want to become a teacher so that I can make a difference in a young person’s life. My high school calculus teacher, who was also my role model, made a difference in my life. It was her class that made me decide that I wanted to become a secondary mathematics teacher. I had a first hand experience at what it is like being a teacher during my senior year of high school by being my calculus teacher’s teacher assistant. While being her teacher assistant I experienced several things that a teacher does on a daily basis: making copies, grading papers, constructing lesson plans, and teaching/ tutoring students. I hope that when I become a teacher that I will be capable of inspiring a young person, just the same as my high school calculus teacher did for me. Another important reason why I want to become a teacher is that a teacher is constantly learning new things... ...e level I would like to teach is at the high school level. While pursuing my career as a teacher I plan on continuing my education by going on to graduate school. I am currently enrolled in college to learn how to become a teacher. A teacher must learn a variety of teaching methods and how to manage a classroom. There are six philosophies of education, and I agree with certain arguments in each one, but the three that are most important to me are essentialism, progressivism, and behaviorism. The most important of the three is essentialism; the back-to-basics approach which was enforced after the launching of Sputnik. My goals as a teacher are to make a difference and to become a role model. A teacher is continuously learning new things, and I plan on continuing my education. By going to college I am fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a teacher.

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