Thursday, October 17, 2019


POLICE DRONES AND CIVIL LIBERTIES - Research Paper Example The use of police drones is for ensuring that the civil liberties of the individual are not violated. However in some countries, most of the police drones are used during training practices as part of pilot program. In countries like the United States aerial drones are used in law enforcement in domestic capacity. The department of Defense in the United States has argued that war in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq has been changed by the use of the drone technology. The Use of Police Drone and Its Effect on Civil Liberty In Britain the police department has developed plans for using the drones in monitoring road services. This involves monitoring speed of vehicles, traffic jam, and even vehicle theft among others. Through this police can keep track of civilians who violate the driver regulations. It is used for collecting road data for traffic police making work more efficient. They are also used in supervising public events such as presidential conference. In most of the developed co untries, the police drones are used in monitoring the behavior of individuals in a public gathering to ensure security. According to Solan, Tiersma and Conley (2005), this has been an important activity as protects individuals’ freedom of movement without fear. The police are also able to keep track of events in a public gathering even from far thus maintaining peace. Police drones are used in covert urban surveillance. This facilitates effective maintenance of security in urban areas where cases of insecurity are many. Since the drone is remote controlled it can be relocated in dangerous places without fear of losing an individuals life through attacks. It allows police officers to record the public activities with high-resolution without having to move for their security according to Gill and Phythian (2006). These activities include criminal acts and attacks by enemies. Police agency uses the drone in gathering information about dangerous pales for the officers. It has bee n applied mostly by the United States army when attacking countries like Iraq and Pakistan. The police have claimed to use the drone in surveillance of maritime activities. Here the drone is used for detecting immigrants from foreign countries, shipping activities such as smuggling of drugs. Due to their increased pervasive surveillance citizens are questioning the machine’s importance in watching over their lives. Police Drone Surveillance and Civil Liberty The police drones have been used by countries like the United States in its attacks. Such transformative technology in war has always resulted to adverse ethical implications on civil liberty. The increased use of the drones in war combined with ineffective accountability is an indicator of normalization of previous unfair policing levels and abuse of office by police officers. As suggested by Drake (2010), this is because their activities can also be monitored by their officers using the drones. For instance, Pennsylivia governor had to apologize after it was revealed that there was spying of pro-immigrant activists and antiwar and environmentalists against drilling of natural gas. Drone surveillance has been applied on American soils following the heavy profits, public demand and technology. With the urgent need for Federal Aviation Administration to open regulations, the

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