Thursday, August 8, 2019

Both Tocqueville And Weber Believe That You Cannot Understand Modern Essay

Both Tocqueville And Weber Believe That You Cannot Understand Modern Society Without Understanding Religion - Essay Example On the other hand Tocqueville is also revered for his theories and ideas about present norms of civil society and culture. As compared to other thinkers and philosophers they have been able to retain the acceptance of their ideas among various sects of society. Max Weber wrote The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism in 1905. It was one of the important sociological works of the last century. He tried to explain the history of past 500 years of Europe. The so-called era Enlightenment that revolutionized almost every aspect of the life of Europeans first and then whole world. He was surprised to note that initially this revolution affected Europe only and then spread everywhere with the spread of colonization. This revolution actually gave a rational interpretation the life. Weber considered American society most ideal society to be studied for understanding the great sociological evolution. Fortunately American society was combination all those necessary factors required for such type of evolution. These factors are vast land with enormous resources, diverse population coming from almost all parts of world, secular practices in pragmatic matters. All these and some other factors worked as catalyst for grand revolution in short span of time. Thus a unique culture and civilization evolved. No nation in the world became such a great-civilized power like Americans. All other civilizations that evolved in the past were influence by some sort of religious or racial movements. Weber did not stop here but he went one step forward and declared that there is no possibility in foreseeable future that any other nation may evolve so rapidly and may get so much favorable factors. Weber seems a little pessimist when he says that capitalism has reached it extreme height in America and perhaps it is its last stage. It can not go beyond this. He was very impressed by the extreme capitalist nature of American economy and society and appreciated it. He thought that Americans have used the theories of capitalism in the best way. After all the praise for the rapid development of American society and economy, Weber seems little concerned about the religious influence on American life. He liked the positive role played by religion in enhancing the ethical values. He found the secret of success of those religious groups after extensive travelling. He observed that majority of religious reformists did their work voluntarily. They were successful and active members of society with strong moral character. Weber was a keen observer; he saw great contrast between the socially isolated Church of Europe and socially integrated church of America. He was very impressed by the influence of American religious groups on the social life of common Americans. These religious groups were less interested in religious rituals but they were keen to reform the society morally and ethically. They were very selective in recruiting the volunteers for their lines. They only took those people whom morally strong and believed the well-established ethical values. These religious groups had a great impact on the American society. They never separated religion from practical social life. They actually taught the society to be morally ethical, religiously strong and professionally useful and adept in the field of their particular expertise. He thought those traditional

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