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Cloning cdc2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Cloning cdc2 - Essay Example This was used to calculate the transformation efficiency of the experiment.The aim of carrying out this experiment was to try out carry out cloning of E. coli and to calculate how efficient the cloning was. The following are the key words that will be used in this report. To begin with is the word smid pALA2, which represents the plasmid to be used in the experiment. The other word is S. pombe. This in full is known as the Schizosaccharomycespombe. It is a species of yeast that is rod shaped and reproduces by fission. In this experiment on cloning, the yeast has been used in the determination of how the cell responds to DNA replication and destruction. The other key word in this report is cdc2, which stands for cell division control protein 2. This is also referred to by the name Cyclin-dependent kinase 1. It plays the role of encoding the fission yeast S.pombe in this experiment. This section contains a brief description of the tables and figures that will be used in the report. They are as follows; figure one represents the gels showing the purified genomic DNA from S. pombe, compared to the provided DNA sample. Figure two is of the virtual gel showing restriction digest of purified plasmids. Figure three is of plasmid CPP, lane PCR product and purified PC. The forth figure is the control made of the Marker, KpnI cut pALA2 plasmid, the fifth is KpnI cut pALA2, which is a cdc2 orientation of the first plasmid. The sixth figure is the KpnI cut pALA2 that is also a cdc2 orientation of the second plasmid. The final figure is figure seven that shows the plasmid maps. Table one in the report shows the qubit values and the student number. Cloning can be defined in many ways though all these definitions will add up to the same thing. Cloning generally refers to the process of giving rise to organisms that are alike genetically either in nature like in the asexual reproduction of certain

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