Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mastring Management 4330 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mastring Management 4330 - Assignment Example The management team is normally on the ground, and therefore; may have their new ideas and plans, which they may want incorporated. Hence, leaving out the managers in strategy and plan formulation will result in the new ideas and plans not implemented in a timely manner. Persuasion is one of the power and influence strengths that I will bring in the new company. The use of reason allows other employees in the company to see why the new proposed ideas make sense. Consequently, this will determine whether the ideas will be implemented in a timely manner or not. In cases whereby the ideas will not be implemented, the use of intimidation will become necessary. Since the managers still report to their former line managers, it is important that managers adjust to the new authority. In addition, applying pressure on the management team will increase productivity and reduce absenteeism (300). Introducing an open door policy increases the interaction between the subordinates, management and the vice president. In turn, as the vice president, I will know what is happening on the ground, which is important in decision making and increasing power and influence. In the case of absenteeism on the production floor, the retribution strategy will be effective. The managers on the production floor have a close connection with their subordinates, which prevent them from taking any action on their absenteeism. This has led to decrease in productivity. Putting pressure on the manager responsible, threatening him with sacking, will make him act on the absenteeism. Reciprocity strategy will be effective in tackling the issue of decreased productivity. Offering incentives and rewards will motivate both the managers and employees to meet their set targets. Successful implementation of the new ideas, strategies and plans will require the managers to understand them. Using the reason strategy, the values and set targets and achievements

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