Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fredrick Expression of Allegiance to the Declaration of Independence Essay

Fredrick Expression of Allegiance to the Declaration of Independence - Essay Example He had been invited to speak concerning what the Fourth of July signifies for America's black community, and although the initial part of the speech congratulates what the founding fathers accomplished for America, in general, the speech slowly graduates into a condemnation of the American society and the slavery. This is because he related to slavery for he was once a slave before he escaped. His uncertainty towards the American public and the independence depicts his allegiance to the idea, although he thinks it bleak for the black community. Douglass begins his speech by addressing the president and the fellow citizens in attendance. It is noteworthy that Douglass counts himself a citizen, at par with the rest of the spectators in the audience. All through this oration, including his life, Douglass exponents equal justice and rights, as well as nationality, for blacks. He begins his speech by modestly excusing for being panicky in front of the audience and makes an acknowledgment that the journey to freedom was a long one considering his trifle along the way. He addresses the listeners for the gathering, which was the Fourth of July, nevertheless prompts them on the idea of the nation young, and is capable to transform in the coming years. By this, he implies the country is still on the road to the establishment of a great country. He actually believes the independence was gained, however not for the black population that is still in dire need of freedom. Douglass conceives the independence was a good advance by the founding fathers; nevertheless, they still have to extend the freedom clause in actions and treatment of the black population.

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