Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Alan Patons Cry the Beloved Country Essay -- Alan Paton Cry Beloved C

Alan Patons Cry the Beloved Country The book I have chosen to write more or less is Cry the Beloved Country. This book is about ambiguity and reconciliation. The main character in the story Stephan Kumalo has to deal his the struggle of his family, and trying to keep them together. The first a few(prenominal) chapters of this book are place in a small town called Ndotshenti. But the action in this takes place in the largest city on sulfur Africa, Johannesburg. Stephan Kumalo finds out there can be day light even when nonhing in you life is going right.The area of Ndoshenti is known as the Velds, which in Zulu essence the green grassland. The rural country is what describes Ndotshenti best on the other side of the town lies the European part of Ndotshenti. This is Ndoshenti where blacks are not allowed to go. Primarily because apartheid, which means total separation between blacks and whites. Stephan Kumalo is the minister in the small town. Stephan Kumalo hel ps those in assume of help. Also find out very early, he is in need of help too. His son Absalom decides to leave home, because he does not like his fathers new wife. He goes with his friends Johannesburg to work the gold mines.However his son is not the only person causing stress on Stephan Kumalo, because with in a few days of his son leaving, he receives a letter pertaining to his sister. She very sick, exclusively the man writing the letter says not physically, but mentally. At this point Kumalo is befu...

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