Thursday, May 2, 2019

Motivation and Work Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

motivating and Work Design - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses the motivators signifi derrierece and outline ways by which employers can design job roles to take account of individual motivations. Significance of inbred and extrinsic motivation many a(prenominal) motivational theories exist that offer bases for understanding effects of motivational factors and strategies for moderating the effects as puff up as ways for monitoring effects of the factors. Theory X and theory Y, as McGregor offers, is one of such theories. The theory establishes assumptions on human behaviour to develop a framework for understanding multitude in a work environment and to find actions and behaviour of the people towards desired outcomes. Theory X assumes that people atomic number 18 not willing to conform to expectations and calls for managers and organizations control of people for achievement of objectives. It therefore suggests guidelines that can be attained through push factors such as puni tive measures for failure to comply. Theory Y notwithstanding argues for responsible behaviour and actions in which people can align them to set goals in their organizations and work towards credit of the goals (Saiyadain 2009, p. 167). According to Theory X, people do not like work and this means that external influence is necessary to influence completion of desired works. The theory also assumes that people are less aspiring(prenominal) and do not like responsibilities. Instead, they prefer to work under control. In addition, people lack creativity into completing tasks and generating solutions into problems to support the postulate of necessity of external influence. In recognition of Maslows hierarchy of involve theory, Theory X assumes that people are motivated at physiological and safety levels (Saiyadain 2009, p. 167). Intimidation is only necessary on people in order to ensure achievement or objectives. A regard of Theory Y assumptions however recognizes peoples will ingness to work if suitable conditions exist. Contrary to external ram to influencing organizational objectives, Theory Y assumes that people are able to exercise self-importance-control in operations for achieving set goals. Creativity towards problem solution is also assumed to be evenly distributed among all members of an organization. other difference between Theory X and Theory Y is that Theory Y assumes motivation at all levels of Maslows hierarchy. In addition, motivating people, under the theory, leads to self-management and creativity that can facilitate success (Saiyadain 2009, p. 167). The scopes of inner and extrinsic motivators are one of the based for understanding their significance. Intrinsic motivators exist within a somebody and their driving force establishes their significance. One of the examples of intrinsic motivators is the desire to fulfil needs such as basal needs and establishes significance of the motivators through a push effect. Once a need is ident ified, a somebody works hard to fulfil the need for self-satisfaction and this is consistent with Maslows postulate that human beings are motivated to fulfil their needs. Self-utility needs such as need to feel a sense of self esteem, happiness, and pride are other factors to intrinsic motivation through change in behaviour and the intrinsic rewards establish significance of intrinsic motivators. This is because people are conscious of their needs and once the needs

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