Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Essay --

All throughout history weve encountered people trying to contain and cage in people in about almost anything from a bathroom to an interment camp. Although these attempts to contain and imprison humans for no correct motive have been futile, These incidents do of course leave their marking and change hostelry a responsibility that comes upon wrong doings. They change people in society like, Fred Korematsu ,born in the U.S. in 1919. His parents were born in Japan. Since he was born in the U.S. he was a citizen. He grew up like a normal kid in California. He had a normal childhood, until the attack on Pearl obligate on December 7, 1942. aft(prenominal) the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were regarded as a threat to the U.S. Things was soon to dramatically change for all the Japanese, including our own Fred Korematsu, an American- Japanese.After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were regarded as a threat to the United states of America. This then led Presi dent Roosevelt issued Executive order 9066, also know as the Exclusion Order. This Order stated that any descendents or immigrants from enemy nations who might be a threat to U.S. security will report to assembly centers for Internment. in that location were no trials or hearings. They were forced to evacuate and many lost their homes and their businesses. Fred Korematsu refused to go. He was a U.S. citizen so he felt like he had no documentary duty to leave, since he was obviously from there.Roosevelt had violated Korematsus basic constitutional rights and every other Japanese-American. The fourth amendment states itself, The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against paradoxical searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no wa... ... incident they have apologized, telling us that this incident was big for them and they had to take up the other end and do the right thing finally. Not only did they correct themselves, but it als o shows the world how human their country is, how opinions are able to change over time, and how they do change In 1998 President Clinton presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Korematsu. In the long history of our countrys constant search for justice, some names of ordinary citizens radix for millions of souls, Clinton with out doubt kew the Fred Korematsu had this then president Clinton finally put the Presidential Medal of Freedom on him. Clinton said, recalling the names of civil rights pioneers, to that distinguished list, today we loan the name of Fred Korematsu. Fred Korematsu had finally got his victory, his voice was finally heard. He was correct.

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