Friday, May 3, 2019

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 20

Ethics - Essay ExampleThis problem could have been solved with one word accidently. If rather of So theres no need to worry evening if you leave it on a train, the sentence read So theres no need to worryeven if you accidently leave it on a train, the whole misunderstanding would have been avoided. While this incident was in all probability an oersight, one word can save litigation. Advertising should be straightforward, because consumers do not like to be tricked. It makes more business logic to keep the consumers trust. One word can keep this instance of litigation out of the press. Then the consumer remembers the advertisement, not the litigation. Business brand and reputation should come first over misleading advertising. There is too much reputation to lose.Murdoch questioned whether he had made the right decision to focalize up the management and standards committee at a private summit in London on Wednesday with many of the senior Sun editorial executives and journalists w ho have spent more than a year on bail in relation to allegations of payments to law of nature and public officials for stories. (OCarroll and Greenslade 2013)It would be hard not to inform on myself and other colleagues if the allegations were true. My ethics of keeping a secret or protecting others would be compromised if under investigation by the police. The law would be more important than office ethics. Of course, my ethics would never allow for payments to police or public officials for stories, hacking into private emails, or other illegal activities. I would rather work for a more reputable business. Ethics should guide a person in their life work, not on the nose in their personal

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