Saturday, May 18, 2019

Capella unit

In The Workplace In many line of productss today all important(p) vital customer information is stored within a companys database, easily raged by employees with the right verification. The vulnerability of crank information is at an alarming risk. Most companys rallying cry policies ar vague only asking for a one step verification, which entails either the employees date of birth, or the last four digits of their social security number. I larn vast experience work in hotels, and the one common thing I have personally foundIs that the password authentication process can easily be manipulated. As years of working In the hotel business I have had access to customers credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, as hale as email addresses. I have personally seen the ease of accessing another persons password. Hypothetically In the hotel business If a customer or any other unauthorized person or persons were able to access the hotel computers, It wouldnt be too difficult to ha ck one of the employees passwords and gain access to the customer files containing all of their information.It is my personal pinion that every company big or small should have a complex password authentication system in place to protect the very customers that keep them afloat. We see it not quite an daily but do see it often in the news where businesss get hacked into and hundreds of thousands of people are affected. Most of the time these hacks would have been easily avoided had the company put in place a more(prenominal) complex password authentication system. In closing I hope to one day develop a hack proof password system, to protect not only consumers, but corporate database, as well as their integrity.

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