Saturday, May 11, 2019

Gay Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

queer Marriage - Essay ExampleThough the realm is democratic, rules and governing is determined by the majority vote which means that the principles of 76% of American people neglectfulness the legalization of gay spousal relationships. With the increasing divorce rate and other societal flaws gay marriage testament only increase the flaws in the institute of marriage. This paper will illustrate the problems associated with gay marriage and constitute that it does not belong in our society.Nine states in America have recognized gay marriage as a legal binding of two individuals. In the other 41 states it is not licitly and socially acceptable. Firstly, gay marriage is not a immanent process. If same sex marriages were to prevail and step forward number marriages between opposite sexes, there would a huge decrease in the population. Hypothetically, this would result in the annihilation of the human race which further solidifies the fact that gay marriage is not a natural proce ss. Two females or males are unable to biologically reproduce, which raises questions on the purpose of the subject matter. There is a misconception that individuals who oppose gay marriage are homophobic and perpetrators of hate. However, there are substantial closes behind this opinion.Gay activists associate legalization of gay marriage with equal rights. In our society equal rights do not exist in this perspective. Some states have laws removeing the marriage of close relatives. There are also laws which prohibit individual from marrying minors, animals, multiple individuals and inanimate objects (Normandin, n.p). Hence, equal rights do not qualify as legitimate reason to legalize same sex marriage. Research has also shown that children brought up in families without a male grade usually engage in early sexual activity. Children living in same sex marriages are usually separated from their mother or father who can have adverse psychological make in the future. It has also

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