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Belonging Notes Essay Example for Free

Belonging Notes Essay Different environment atmosphere contributes to our intelligence of belong. Adapting after a while strengthens the genius of belonging, erudite the place a bit, whole toneing comfortable. Shifting stake to civilization, feels out of place, non belonging, shifting in with different surrounding. Upbringing places a part in our sense of belonging Technology-internet-find someone with the same interest and sense of belonging kicks in. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace. Perspective of others shifts our sense of belonging Obstacles and picture creates a feel of not belonging and break apart a sense of security. Enjoyment and assortment of attitude (positive) helps build sense of belonging. After being placed in a different place, conditions, our get under ones skin alters our sense of belonging Example Going on holidays and returning home, takes a period of time to feel the feeling of belonging again. Preparation doesnt help with the sense of belon ging. Being familiar to the way and knowing the comfort zone (when you are at a place you go int know/never been to) supports sense of belonging. Stereotype media acceptance only finished appearance- determining whether you belong or not. Belonging is a choice. Knowledge and stereotype makes others feel like they dont belong. No desire to change belonging Belonging is a journey Individuals dont feel like they belong due to egotism and the desire to not change. Belonging is everywhere, what you wear makes you belong to a certain brand, it all comes d suffer to you whether you indispensableness to belong who wants you to belong. Remember along with belonging there is always isolation that follows. Responses Stronger receptions shows the relationship/ signifi flush toilett amid school texts. Why do people do the things? REPRESENATION e.g. why does the characters do those actions/ Why has the author/ artist/ manufacturer make or use certaintechniques instead of the others. * Choice of language, form, features and structure shape the meaning and bewitch responses. The choices are affluent by a composers sense of belonging. How is the concept of belonging conveyed through the text, people, relationships, ideas, places, events and ordering? Does it make a difference where the character belongs? Share some values of feelings -understanding a world in a different way shape in a peculiar way, different society- assumption to being Australian. Possibility present by a sense of belonging or not belongingpercept How an individual perception of belonging or not can vary, is shaped by his/her personal, cultural, historical and loving context.ASPECTS OF BELONGING Experiences Notion of identity Relationship Acceptance UnderstandingFORMULA TO ANSWER QUESTIONS Identify map Explain ExtrapolateSHORT STORY Do not abuse the concept of belonging withal strongly Dont use the word belonging Exclusion, acceptance, struggle Keep it simple, focus on the concept IMAGERY- BOLD, CREATIVE COMBINATIONS TO ACHIEVE ORIGINALITY Simile, metaphor or personification charge DONT TELL Short story-hook reader in the first two lines, straight into action Explode a moment, two characters, one setting READ SHORT STORIES Turning point-climax-should not be death-with too quick-carefully say the relationship. TWISTA TALE Dramatic beginning bar-irrelevant background info on your character Character should be revealed through dialogue and actors. Avoid lots of internal dialogue Use experience of own Close to own world-reflect truth (you can utilize jargon to add a little touch of truth.) Use paragraphs AVOID romance (genre) Fantasy YOU HAVE 40 minutes to WRITE A DECENT STORY stick out the audience to add to the story DO non CONCENTRATE ON THE PLOT YOU WANT TO SHOW BELONGING Recommended to be 4 PGS Note The creative writing section to Paper One does not have to be a narrative.EXAM Have at least two great storylines YOU fuck TWIST to suit any type of belonging principals. Remembering a story can be risky especially if you walk into the exam and through the reading time, you might have a apprehension attack.Dos DONTs Let the Q drive and shape your response Blend your understanding of belonging with the question DONT put the questions in your introduction Thesis or statement throughout response A MUST Use the text to support or challenge the thesis or concepts specialized TOPIC+ ATTITUDE/ANGLE/ARGUMENT= thesis What you plan to argue +how you plan to argue it=THESIS DO NOT RE-COUNT OR RE-TELL TEXT ANALYSISEVALUATE TEXT NO OPINION FOR READERSESSAY STUFF1. Thesis-map consort reader2. Connection between text, comparison or pattern3. Techniques and contrasts4. Use cohesive devices E.g. similarity, by contrast, jibe5. Use topic sentences6. Support all statement with references to text7. Vocab for belonging the better your vocab and structure contributes to an horrendous MARKS8. Quotes + short quotes support what you say, dont put any q uotes that does not support thesis. (Short quotes are best, try to integrate them in your sentence they are easier to remember itll provide the flow for the reader/ scratch when they are reading. Remember they are reading a trillion PAPERS with some usurious handwriting.)Related piecesFILM JUST FIND ONE PART OR SECTION TO ANALYSIS pluck TEXT THAT MAKES READER STAND UP-FIND OWN Integrate the HOW techniques+ make it personal Dont try to salve everything down capture key points 3-5 related pieces recommended BUT THREE SHOULD BE MORE THAN lavishThings to remember when choosing your related texts Try and get a variety of different types. E.g. If you are doing a novel, go searching for a visual piece such as a film or graphics or a picture book. E.g. Frida Kahlo, Kathe Kollwitz. QUALITY Do something that you know not many people ordain do YOU WANT TO STAND OUT OF THE CROWD and show the markers you know your stuff. Make sure you can connect your text to belonging REMEMBER it does n ot have to be similar to your prescribed text as long as it has some sort of representation of belonging. Does it play your strength? Try to do something you are passionate or interested in. You will do so much better. DO NOT FORGET YOUR THESISSHORT ANSWERS Be Specific Can capitalize on other resolving powers to answer another question. WRITE ACCORDING TO MARKS if it id worth two marks DONT write HALF A PAGE TIMING- BALANCE In this section LOOK for anything that symbolizes a connection, affiliation, relationship AND OF bank line BELONGING Main questions are HOW? WHAT?11 points concerning belonging1. Family2. Friends3. Belonging to place/national identity4. ply5. Religion6. Political7. Profession8. Lifestyle9. Learn spirit shared identityWhen studying for English. muckle WRITE TIME yourself Find a quiet environment where you will not be disquieted for a certain time. PRACTICE Break down the news report if you want Get any questions on Belonging pick up your pen and WRITEWR ITE The teachers are there for a REASON SO role THEM- this goes for all subjects If you dont understand something shovel your hand up in the air, it is likely that others dont understand it too OR chase after them at recess/lunch. Place quotes just about the house like a crazy person on colorful cardboard and stick them slightly the house WHERE YOU KNOW you will always see them. When you have time do not come forth it to the last minute. Grab your notes out and start cutting it down. It is a killer when you have to do it A WEEK before the actual HSC exams. If you know your stuff, you should be confident in crashing and burning the HSC AOS English paper

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