Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Jungle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Jungle - Essay Examplecauses Jurgis to lead a keep of begging and crime, illustrating how it is the dusts willing abuse of the common man that creates the problems of the criminal lower categorize while the upper class go aways just as criminal in working to abuse the system for their own welfare. The concept of socialism is first introduced as Ona and Jurgis are planning their wedding feast and grows to become one of the central themes of the book.It is Grandmother Majauzskiene who first mentions the word Socialist to Jurgis. She describes the capitalist system It was easy to bring them, for wages were really much higher, and it was only when it was too late that the poor people found emerge that everything else was higher too. They were like rats in a trap, that was the truth (95). It would seem clear that whatever she defines herself as would be the opposite of the system in place. Just before she introduces the word socialism, though, a suggestion of what it might taut is offered, By and by they would have their revenge, though, for the thing was getting beyond human endurance, and the people would rise and come to the packers (95). This seems to suggest something violent and destructive, which frightens the simple man.Jurgis learns more about socialism through Bush Harper. Harper characterizes socialists as people who could not be bought, and would not combine or make any sort of a dicker (384). Later, Jurgis suddenly finds himself at the center of a Socialist rally and, more surprisingly, becoming caught up in the words that are said. As the speaker denounces the capitalist system, which has already been battered brutally end-to-end the novel, the ideas of Socialism are brought forward. The way that Sinclair presents them makes them seem not nearly as frightening as the ideas of collectivism have been to the modern reader. He talks about how the Socialists would give more power to the people, would provide them would well food, clothing

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