Thursday, April 18, 2019

Compare and contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Compare and lineage - Essay ExampleThe two writers Dillard and Wolf devote given their different essays the understructure of how close is approached or embraced. Since last is an ultimate circumstance, which is unavoidable, the question raised is on how to face it (Iowa Council of Teachers of English 49). Death is the antagonist in the two essays. Answers on how to face death vary since having a troth against death or encompass and accepting peaceful death can be options. The climax of the essay comes when the two moths face their death. Dillard in her essay has portrayed an approach to death, which involves struggling and running away. Contrarily, Woolf has given death an acceptable approach in that death is experienced calmly (Woolf 7).The two essays by Annie Dillard and Virginia Wolf compare superficially in that they have a similar title death of a moth, which go on to exemplify the theme of conflict with death. In the two essays, the writers have focused on depicting how the moths face their death. The moths are the characters of the essays propelling the theme being addressed (Woolf 8). The essays also compare in that the moths seem to be conscious of the fate waiting, which in this case is death. The two essays are also similar because they show that it does not matter the form of death or approach of dying, death is definitive (Iowa Council of Teachers of English 51).Woolfs moth rotates around the window its life has been contain around the window pane, which happens to be the same spot where it meets its death. Dillards moth meets its death after being fire by a candle flame while flying around it. In the two essays, the approaches to death are different taking into consideration the description from Woolf and Dillard (Iowa Council of Teachers of English 52). In wolfs essay, she portrays the moth in a way that it accepts death the moth is brave enough to embrace death in a ennoble manner. Contrarily, in

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