Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Virtual Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Virtual Culture - Essay ExampleOur intertwined lives have made these Disney figures as much a reference of our family as our own parents or siblings.Information technology has made our lives easier and more complex at the same time. Working professionals are on a 24/7 duty thanks to e-media (mobile and email). This has created the maternal responsibility of parents even harder. In these fractious times, the virtual gardening can serve a part of the parents role by portraying the good and evil to the children and instilling the core ethnic values in the childrens minds. 4The virtual culture created by the information age is apparent in our lives as well and oddly for children. Since close to of the virtual figures are projected towards children, it is they who get inspired and affected the most. Every child searches for the provoke Potter in his/her own life and become a part of that magical world. So it is forthwith up to the creationists of the virtual cultures how to infl uence the children in shaping up their lives. As children gain easier access to information, the role of virtual culture will become ever so important in creating better leaders for tomorrow. 4Each and everything in our lives can be segmented into either good or bad. Each suasion will have two perspectives i.e. either it will be accepted or it will be rejected. Same is the case with newly establishing virtual culture. Conservatives whitethorn argument that each society has strong root in its heritage and history that makes up the culture and traditions. For these conservatives, adopting the new way will be difficult and may even be dismissed as a totally not acceptable variegate. For these fundamentalists, cultural traditions will definitely be eroded from adopting the virtual culture. The values created by their ancestors that have built the culture will change and it will be considered as a bad change. 1On the other hand, sociologists may argue that culture is an ever changing e ntity. Newer values and beliefs are entrenched each day in our lives which gradually changes that cultural tradition. For these theorists, change is a positive force and these changes enhance the cultural traditions. Change fosters patterned advance and since the information revolution is already bringing the virtual culture to our boundaries, it only seems sensible to embrace the change with arms wide open. In these changing times, with children coming into contact with information more rapidly than most adults, the virtual culture can create the same values that twenty years ago our parents use to teach us. From this point of view, the application of virtual culture looks good. 1What image of this country do US movies and picture shows give to people abroadHollywood is considered as the heart of the movie industry in the world. ikon standards are set according to American movies as they are considered as the benchmark for quality. Similarly American television and soaps are amo ngst the most watched in the whole world. So are these movies and TV shows watched because they portray the realness The answer to this question is No. As with most products in the world, movies and TV programs only show things what the viewers insufficiency to see. This viewer oriented

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