Sunday, April 21, 2019

Colonial America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Colonial America - Essay ExampleEach of these city-states or polis had its own customs, laws and way of life (Hornblower et al, 2004). Initially these city-states were ruled by a few wealthy work force but gradually the administrative system became democratic. Athens was the largest city-state in Ancient Greece and its society was divided into the upper, diaphragm and lower curriculumes. However despite these differences ancient Greeks were bound by a parking lot heritage and common language just like American people speak a common language. Greek citizens were dexterous in the arts, music, and they played games represented by the Olympics. There was a system of assemblies in which upper class citizens discussed issues of government and suggested changes, very much like the modern parliament. Ancient Rome was however ruled by an emperor and the Roman government balanced out political power between three incompatible branches comprising of the Executive branch, the Legislative br anch and the Judicial branch. The consuls who supervised the Senate and the army controlled the executive branch along with the mayors and revenue enhancement collectors (Hornblower et al, 2004). Only adults were allowed to vote or elect rulers. The legislative branch consisted of 300 senate members who owned land and were choose by the consuls. The concept of senate members is still a part of the administrative system in America.

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