Monday, April 22, 2019

Futuristic Theory in Designs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Futuristic surmisal in Designs - Essay ExampleThe proximo of technology is still promising. Futurologists have used designs to augur straight offs impossibility that may become a reality tomorrow. The challenges and problems argon many and require spate to think beyond the current situation. Given that the problems can be predicted, designs can be used to predict the preferable solutions and alternatives for coming(prenominal) problems. The Foragers, Stop and Scan, Afterlife and EM Listeners testament be the designs that will be analysed in the paper. The four designs be a representative of four significant concerns the state of food security when the terra firma is overpopulated as delineate by Foragers, dilemma of insecurity posed by terrorism as represented by Stop and Scan and EM Listeners. Finally, Afterlife is meant to be used domestically when euthanasia will become so common that it will be allowed in private homes for personal use. The designers in these projects ar e concerned with the expressive, functional, and communicative possibilities of the emerging technologies as well as the ethical consequences of the technology in tender and cultural milieu. The designs, which are presented in photographic forms, are not predictive. They are meant to pose the question, what if? The designs create, imagine, dream and imagine on the technology that can mediate the world preferred by the people. As it will be implementn, Dunne and Raby designs classified under the banner between reality and the impossible are a reflection of the obscure and troubled people who are ready to explore solutions to the next challenges. The essay will argue that these designs are worth critical consideration and are a wake call by the designers to the concerned stakeholders to see the possibility and or impossibility of the projects and act before it is too late. The essay will propose that more than critical designs are supposed to be created considering the technolog ical future of the world. One such design is the wizard that could predict the future when the resources are completely depleted and the people turn to the unimaginable polythene materials for food. The hypothesis about the future Between Reality and Impossible is a series of designs that Dunne and Raby made and were exhibited at the external design biennial in Saint Etienne (Regine 1). The designers also produced three dimensional designs that have been used to description on the pressing issues about the development and growth of mankind. As speculative designs, the selected pieces heighten the experiences of the viewers to get wind future themes. They depict four different scenarios that speculate on four pressing issues in the globalised society.The future is said to be unpredictable time period after the present, but is can be foreseen establish on the present situations (Gaddis 56). The occurrence of the future is inevitable because time and other laws of physics exist. Th e resulting inevitability of the future has prompted the present to classify existence into permanent, temporary, and eternity (Gaddis 56). Permanence refers to that existence that will see the whole of the future while temporary is designated to the existence that will come to an end. The study of future or futurology has been hard-pressed by modern practitioners, especially the emphasis of the prediction of an alternative future that is probable and preferable. Future has been explored by dint of machination, cultural practices, designs and other ways. For example, there was a futurism movement during the early 20th century that explored most media of art such as sculptures, theatre, music, architecture, and painting among others for their predictability. During this time, futurists were highly interested in the ideas of the future and were not held captive by the issues of past.

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