Saturday, February 9, 2019

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Fact Middle children have it hardBello, FausatChild Development 1Hammond, Online educationName LindseyAge 15Grade 11 kinfolk 5Siblings 3Other Middle child1. Your best-loved surname? Fritz 2. Do you have any pets? Yes, two rabbits. 3. What is your best-loved color? faint & pink 4. What is your favorite scent? Vanilla & strawberry 5. Whats your favorite make merry? Red Wine 6. What food do you hate? Liver (not liver spread) 7. What was your favorite subject at school? Social Studies & English 8. What was your least(prenominal) favorite subject at school? Math & Physics 9. The strangest matter youve ever done? Dyeing my hair blue-green ( resembling I swallowed those pills interpreted by the Thompson twins) 10. Favorite movie? September Tapes, Corto Maltese La cour secrte des Arcanes, Kill Bill, Addams Family, A Series of Unfortunate Events, & Sleepy roaring 11. Favorite actor? Johnny Depp 12. Favorite actress? Christina Ricci 13. Favorite travel endpoint? (Still needs to travel) 14. Favorite month, why? December because the weathers cooler. 15. The high point of your lifetime? Cleaning up my act during college. 16. What novel ar you reading unspoiled now? (None) 17. Favorite novel? Other Side of Midnight by Sydney Sheldon 18. Your favorite music right now? Ramones & Black Sabbath 19. What are your best qualities? allegiant to friends, loves to learn new stuff, & open-minded. 20. What are your worst qualities? Introvert at times, good gets bored, & a glutton (though I weigh 97 lbs.). 21. If you were a fount in a Tintin story, which one would you be? A merchant like Oliveira da Figueira. 22. If you were a historical character, who would you be? Queen Elizabeth I 23. How are you feeling today? Bored.Name WasiuAge 16Grade 11Household 6Siblings5Other Oldest1. Your favorite nickname? The Smurf 2. Do you have any pets? Two cats, Scaramouche and Pyewacket 3. What is your favorite color? RED 4. What is your favorite scent? Coffee brewing 5. Whats your favorite drink? Coffee 6. What food do you hate? Italian food-I can never taste it. render me SPICES people 7. What was your favorite subject at school? Everything but mathematics 8. What was your least favorite subject at school? Math 9. The strangest thing youve ever done? Dressed as Captain Skut from Flight 714 for Halloween (Im pistillate and most definitely NOT blonde) 10. Favorite movie? I injection Andy Warhol 11. Favorite actor?

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