Monday, February 18, 2019

Why Great Men Do Not Become President Essay examples -- Elections Poli

Why Great Men Do not Become PresidentOver the course of history America has been electing the to the highest degree popular notnecessarily the best-qualified work force as president. The component part has frame astrategic component vital to each political ships company. Parties turn over a great(p) leader for the man that will win the more than or less votes. History is a recordof how we have always had had this practice. The office is overflowing of putrefaction because coin and influence run the presidency. The politicalleaders pillow to the quite a little that he is intended to serve.There be many overwhelm reasons that the best man is not always chosenfor the job. They all needs stem down to the simple fact that apolitical party in put in for its survival must have their sewerdidate elected.In this struggle for dominance, qualities crucial to making a great leaderare sacrificed in order to get votes. Location, religion occupation, andtrack record are all taken i nto consideration when choosing a candidate.Although these factors have no event on how a leader will perform in officethey are crucial factors in determining a candidate.Presidential candidates can best be described to a form of selectivebreeding. convertible to how farmers choose the best seeds to plant their cropseach season to grow the almost food, political parties choose the bestcandidates in the same respect. In order to survive and have theirphilosophy be heard in the American system of government, political partiesmust win elections. To ensure the best chances of gentle an election theyselect the best seeds. Ultimately though sacrifices need to make toensure a successful election. This is due to the simple fact that a badpresident is better then no president in the eyes of ea... as the last election to bedisproved. George W. Bush was a poster child for Republican America. He isnot a great man in any sense of the word. Bush is not a genius or scholar.He did work t o build himself up scarce was simply born into the Bush royalty.Just like royalty fitly enough he was appointed president by having theright connections, realize and of course, money.America needs a change from the current standard. We have had men inoffice who have lied cheated and stole from the very people that they arethere to serve. Respect for the office is lost because of their actions.It is clear that corruption runs deep and is not a new addition to the WhiteHouse. The discriminating fact is that this may never change as long it takesmoney and image to win an election. American elections will always be morean election of popularity then of principle.

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