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Farewell to Mazanar :: essays papers

Farewell to MazanarChapter 1 The Wakatsukis are a Japanese family with ten children, the youngest of who is Jeanne she is the narrator and author of the story. In December 1941, the Wakatsukis are living near Long Beach, California. Mr. and Mrs. Wakatsuki are immigrants they ready come to the United States from Japan, searching for the American Dream. Jeannes father and brothers man a fishing boat c entirelyed The Nereid and work for the canneries on the coast. On December 7th, Jeanne stands on shore with the other Wakatsuki females they all wave good-bye to the Wakatsuki men as they set out to sea. As the women watch the Nereid travel further away, it curtly turns and heads back to shore. Jeanne and the others are confused about the strange return until a cannery worker on the docks runs toward them he de activers the news that Japan has just bombed beadwork Harbor in a deadly surprise attack. Jeannes father is without delay frightened that his ties to Japan will cause hi m trouble he goes topographic point and burns the flag he had brought from Hiroshima, as well as all documents that might tie him to Japan. The family then relocates to the home of their eldest son, Woody, who lives on perch Island. After two weeks, Ko Wakatsuki, Jeannes father, is arrested and interrogated. Later the family learns that he has been taken into delay and falsely charged with supplying oil to Japanese submarines offshore. Chapter 2Jeannes fathers absence has already made her insecure, and now she must cope with the charge of unfamiliar people in her new neighborhood. In particular, young Jeanne is frighten of the other Oriental people in the neighborhood. Her fathers joking threats of selling her to a Chinaman seem true to her now that unfamiliar Chinese faces surround her. In Kos absence, life in Woodys neighborhood is difficult for the Wakatsuki family. They must live in a cheaply constructed shack among Japanese people who express only in a thick Kyushu dialec t. All of their neighbors are stupid of the English language, which makes the Wakatsukis, who normally speak in English, very uneasy. Money is as well very tight. In order to make ends meet, Jeannes mother goes to work in a cannery, along with Woodys wife Chizu. The only bright spot is when they begin a letter from Ko unfortunately, the letter explains how he has been imprisoned in Fort Lincoln, North Dakota.

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