Monday, February 4, 2019

The Patriot Act Essay -- USA Terrorism Surveillance Wire Tapping

The patriot Act In the wake of September 11, legion(predicate) things happened very quickly. along with the beginning of a war against terrorism, an act was passed to help prevent future terrorism in the USA. The name of this is the USA nationalist Act. The act legalizes galore(postnominal) inspection techniques that were once prohibited. The act has been passed without debate, and the new privileges given to our government have not been thoroughly examined. The law enforcers of our country be now capable of supervise the citizens in trends most people are not certified of. Some of the surveillance laws are self-terminating after four years, but many an(prenominal) of the more important laws are permanent. What will these new surveillance laws be utilise for after the war on terrorism is over? leeward Tien, the Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney, suggests that the new rights can be practised to put America into a police state. at that place is a have for check s and balances in the USA Patriot Act to protect the American citizens. There are two hundred ninety pages in the USA Patriot Act many of these pages are discussing subjects that change the rights of American citizens forever. The act was passed in a little over a month, which suggest that few, if any, congressmen thoroughly admit this detailed act. In times of crisis, history has proved that United States citizens volitionally compromise their right of privacy without considering the consequences. Many people have openly accepted this act without knowing what it is, most people have neer even heard of the USA Patriot Act. The USAPA (USA Patriot Act) has not gone(p) under the scrutiny that any normal act would have, yet this could be more important than any other act to date. The USAPA allows national or internal law enforces (from the NSA, FBI, and CIA all the way down to the local police) to work stoppage your computer or voice mail with a simple hunt club warrant issu ed by a judge. Only one out of ten thousand of these search warrants requests are rejected. The law enforcers are also allowed to hit electronic devices without telling the victim about the warrant or that they are being monitored. Also, the CIA and other foreign agencies are allowed to share information with the domestic law enforcement. This means that agencies that were once not allowed to intervene in the personal matters of the USA can do so without punishment. These are few of the many la... ...dly, there should be a report on if the information acquired is used in court. This is a check on the usefulness of the information gathered by the law enforcers, and a way to monitor the proper use of the search warrant. Fourthly, a check on how the information attained is to be shared with other law based government agencies. It is a way to protect the privacy of the victim, so people do not needlessly read private documents. Finally, the public should be aware of the success or f ailure of the system. The people should be informed if their loss of privacy has make what it is intended to, which is to protect the country. These checks and balances of the USA Patriot Act are necessary if the men and women of the USA want to feel safe. Thus, the USAPA must have many checks as well as balances if the people of the United States are to be happy with it. Until then, people remain concerned that Congress has passed such large declines in the right of Americans to be liberated from dominating government observation. still having done so, it is essential that Congress where feasible, shares with the American nation basic information about how these wide new powers are being used.

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