Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Miniature Adults

Journal 2 Describe a situation or several situations youve encounters that reflect the fact that children are not miniature adults. They appreciate differently, see the world differently, and live by different morals and estimable principles than adults. What are some ways of thinking and acting that are sincere for adults but not so simple-minded for children A situation that i have encountered was one day when i was playing with my three course old br new(prenominal) while we was listening to some music on the radio.All of sudden a song came on the radio and he started interpret the entire song. At first i was extremely shock because i could not believe he knew every lyric to the song and he was only three years old. When the song finish i enquire him how did he know the song the whole song he express he taught his self. I ask him could he count to xx for me and he told me he could only count to five. So i told him if he knew completely the lyrics to that song on the ra dio he should know how to count to twenty or farther.Related essay Explain the Post 16 Options For youth People and AdultsI figured out when it comes to some things it easier for him to learn rather than other things. I also have to remeber that they think differently form us so what big businessman seem to easy to learn for us might not be as easy for children to learn it. It just alone really depends on the childrens ages and their stage of development. One way of thinking that is simple for adults but not so simple for children would be the example Piaget wrote rough the grasp object permanance.Piaget argue that children must learn that objects exists level off when the objects are not in the childs physical presence. For an example if you cover a childs wreak the child may not remove because the would think it was automatically gone. aft(prenominal) the age of two children often understand that objects still exist even if the can not see them. They now that if you try to cover up something or hide it still exists some where. They usually start severe to use symbols to represent these things in their minds so that they can still think about them.

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