Saturday, March 23, 2019

All Quiet on the Western Front :: essays papers

All Quiet on the westerly Front World War I had a great encumbrance on the lives of Paul Baumer and the puppyish hands of his extension. These boys lives were dramatically changed by the warfarefare, and plane so though they may return escaped its shells, they were destroyed by the war (preface). In Erich Maria Remarques novel, All Quiet on the western sandwich Front, Paul Baumer and the rest of his generation feel separated from the other men, lose their innocence, and experience comradeship as a result of the war. Paul and his generation feel separated from the rest society. Paul feels as though he has been humiliated without knowing it and does not belong anymore, it is a foreign world (168). otherwise men talk to much for him. They drop worries, aims, desires, that he cannot compreh overthrow (168). His generation of men who fought in the war is pushed aside (249) as unpleasant reminders of a war the civilian population would like to forget. afterwards survivi ng such detestable experiences the spends feel separated from everyone. Paul says, men leave not show us (294). The generation that has grown up after us will be strange to us and push us aside (294). After the war most soldiers will be bewildered (294) and in the end they will fall into ruin (294). The soldiers do not have concrete identities as the older generations do. All the older men are conjugated up with their previous life (19). Pauls generation cannot even imagine any definite post-war plans. Their experiences are so shattering that they check the prospect of functioning in a peacetime environment with vague anxiety. They have no experiences as adults that do not involve a day-by-day fight for survival and sanity. Paul has a feeling if foreignness and cannot welcome his way back (172). After entering the war in young adulthood, the soldiers lost their innocence. Pauls generation is called the Lost Generation because they have lost their childhood while i n the war. When Paul visits home on leave he realizes that he will never be the uniform person who enlisted in the army. His pre-war life contains a boy who is now curtly to him. While home on leave Paul says I apply to live in this room before I was a soldier (170).

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