Monday, March 18, 2019

Essay --

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 in his home in Kentucky. He was given the same name as his grandfather and he did not have a middle name. Abrahams parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. He had two other siblings. They were Sarah Grigsby and Thomas Jr, tho Thomas Jr. died when he was vertical a baby. When Abraham was 8 his mother Nancy died of milk sickness at the grow 34. His father then remarried to Sarah Bush Lincoln. She had already had 3 children. John, Matilda, and Elizabeth. Abraham re eachy wish Sarah. Abrahams father Thomas was very against slavery.Abraham was very smart man but he was only schooled for about a total of 18 months all together. He was homeschooled by his stepmother Sarah. She taught him how to read and write. He would read when he was at home so that he could get out of doing labor with his father, tear down though he was very good at using an axe. He even helped his dad make log cabins. Abraham had many different jobs. He was a rail-splitter, a river boatman, and a village postmaster, but n wizard of these jobs fulfil him. At one time he even opened a general store in Salem, but it failed. He even by and by became a successful lawyer.In 1832 Lincoln ran for a seat in the Illinois bear of Representatives, but he lost. He won the election for maintain Office in 1934 and was in the Illinois State Legislature from 1834-1842. Abraham served for United States House of Representatives from 1847-1849. When his term was over he moved back to Springfield to utilize law. He became a lawyer and a very good one at that. He was given the nickname Honest Abe because everyone respected him so much. He joined the Republican side since he was against slavery.Abraham wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. The graduation draft w... ...n. After it Robert, Thomas, and bloody shame moved to Chicago and he spotless his law studies at the University of Chicago. On September 24, 1868, Robert Lincoln married bloody shame Eunice Harlan. They had two daughters and one son. Mary Mamie Lincoln was born October 15, 1869. Abraham Lincoln II was born August 14, 1873. His nickname was Jack. Jessie Harlan Lincoln was born November 6, 1875. Robert was very hard put about his mother. He committed her to a psychiatric hospital in Batavia, Illinois in 1875. Mary didnt like this and wrote letters to numerous people act to show that she shouldnt have to be hospitalized, but Robert stood by what he public opinion and even the director of Bellevue told the jury at Marys trial that she would benefit from treatment. With Mary trying to escape from her sons decision her and Robert never fully reconciled and stayed unlike from each other.

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