Monday, March 11, 2019

Allegory of Human Nature in Lord of the Flies Essay

Oxford University Press Dictionaries defines an allegory as a romance, poem, or picture that give the bounce be interpreted to learn a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one Many people read in William Goldings superior of The Flies as an allegory. Theres no question that it can be looked at as a symbolic story, however, the question is what original of the Flies is an allegory of? One way this novel can be looked at is as an allegory of kind nature.In other words, this story can be seen as symbolism of how humans behave and demonstrate their true colors when placed into a survival situation. Various characters in passe-partout of the Flies could be thought to symbolize different qualities of human nature. Ralph, hoggish, and Jack are ternion extremely influential characters and all three of them represent both sides of human nature good versus evil. Ralph symbolizes the good in humanity in Lord of the Flies. The name Ralph derives from the Anglo-Saxon language and heart council. As commander of the conch, Ralph was voted chief of the boys on the island and from this point, his name became affiliated with council and government. end-to-end the story, Ralph never gave up on his views and priorities, them being to get off the island. Ralph also, in terms of Lord of the Flies, symbolized subtlety and order. He established order and civilization on the island at the first meeting by creating a principal(prenominal) goal, priorities, and gave out positions such as the hunters and his right hand man, Piggy.Ralph was the only sack of hope towards the end of the book and he was able to follow by and survive without falling into the savage state like the others. In this novel, Piggy symbolizes apprehension and logic. From the beginning, by finding the conch and recognizing its importance, he has always been the voice of intelligence and insight. One may say that piggy may be much logical and objective and therefore describe him as being le ft-brained.He uses his logic at many points throughout the book in such times as when he wanted to take attendance or when make the sundial. Piggy has good intentions for his ideas, however, because of his lack of confidence and his physical appearance, he is shot overcome by most of the other boys. He is a great example of symbolism for human nature in Lord of the Flies because for one, he and Ralph both make up a virtually perfect leader with intelligence, leadership, logic, and insight. Also, it is important to connect that insight, being Piggy, was shot down and made savage by the hunters.

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