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Renaissance Man and Renaissance Women Essay -- essays research papers

Between the 1300s and 1500s, Europe experienced a period of cultural re bloodline known as the Renaissance, marking the transition from medieval times to modern times. The Renaissance brought new importance to unmarried expression, self-consciousness and worldly experience.The Renaissance man and charwoman characterized the Renaissance ideals. A renaissance man was a well- educated gentleman who had cultural grace, cour ripen and who understood the arts and sciences. On the other hand, a Renaissance woman was supposed to marry well, be loyal to her husband and give birth to sons.The most famous Renaissance man was Leonardo Da Vinci who was born(p) on April 15th 1452 in Florence, Italy. Da Vinci was truly recognized by many to be a Renaissance child and later a Renaissance man because of his many talents. He revealed his artistic talents at the age of 17 when he was hired as a studio boy to Andrea Del Verrocchio, the leading Florentine painter and sculptor of his day. In Verrocc hio workshop, Da Vinci was introduced to main(prenominal) techniques, from the painting of altarpieces and panel pictures to the creation of large sculptural projects in stain and bronze. His Last Supper and Mona Lisaare among the most widely popular and influential paintings of the Renaissance. At the same time his scientific interests deepened his concern with anatomy led him to transact dissections. After a period of time, Da Vincis scientific research began to dominate his other activities so much that his artis...

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