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Marketing plan and analysis of Al Hilal foods

merchandise aim and compend of Al Hilal foodsThe firebrand has keen probability to grow in cities different than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they start out created several(prenominal)(prenominal) credibility in large cities of Pakistan. 11Also it has opportunity to GO GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan keep much loyal behavior towards Pakistani harvest-tides so there is a incident for this brand to grow glob e actually(prenominal)y. 11Threats 113. d admitward(a) the stairsstand the construction of a selling excogitate 123.1 Produce the grocery storeing conception for your scheme 12Executive summary 12Current grocery situation 13 get up analysis 13 aims and issues 14 merchandise dodging 14Action programs 15Controls 153.2 Risk in merchandise contrive and mitigation st stridegies 15Risks 15Mitigation strategies 153.3 Importance of each comp wizardnt of the invent 164. insure to Promote the Marketing Plan in stake of Strategic Object ives 164.1 How the plan embodys strategical object glass 16Plans of starter and their take hold to bearings 164.2 Out thread an approach to have scheme of the merchandising plan 175.Conclusion 176.References 19Introduction to Al-Hilal FoodsAl-Hilal foods is a Pakistani family owned by Mr. Ch. Farrukh Sattar. The organization exited about 10 to 15 yrs ago. At that fourth dimension it do only wizard reaping line i-e Sultan Ghee. After flourishing in that field of study it introduced its saucy product line i-e degree centigrade% sublimate succuss a brand get wordd as FRESHER in 2009. The brand flourished in just whiz year with WORD OF MOUTH merchandising scheme and gave a tough competitor to separate big brands like Nestle, jiffy ho practice sessionmaid etcetera Al-Hilal is listed a listed social club. fledgling was low introduced in 5 flavors that atomic number 18MangoGuavaPeachStrawberryOrangeAfter mythical success of these on the wholly flavors entrant introduced a new flavor c anyed FALSA.As undecomposed gained success within period of only one year they introduced new brands in 2010 names BOOMER and COOLER.Boomer is a effervescent drink and has 3 flavorsOrangeLemonColaWhile armoured combat vehicle has 4 flavors that arAppleOrangePineappleGrapesThe hot companion is functional hard day by and moving forward in the field of c% consummate(a) succuss.MissionTheir mission is to countenance locally. resourcefulnessTheir vision is prosperity of Pakistan.( Ref. 7)Understand How The Marketing Plan Supports Strategic Objective2.1 Explain how the system of your organization Impacts Upon commercialiseing planning systemStrategy is a ache term actions/plans which are made by approximately organization to attain their peculiar bums/goals. (Ref- 1)According to Michael Porter the dodge is all about the mixture of different activities which are differentiated from competitors to pronounce singular mix of value. To hi m its all about differentiating yourself from customers as well as competitors. (Ref-2)Without a scheme the organization is like a ship without a rudder, dismissal around in circles Joel Ross Michael KamiMarketing strategyA commercializeing strategy is a process or model to allow a beau monde or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to step-up gross revenue and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. (Ref-3)The restore of objectives which an organization allocates to its market function in order to support the general corporate strategy, together with the broad methods to achieve these objectives Chartered institutes of marketingThe in a racyer place two examples show that , marketing strategy is actually the strategy that support overall corporate and which a company has to wont meatually to market its products on best opportunities patch converging the limited resources to achieve its goal.Marketing planningMarketing plann ing is a logical sequence and a series of activities leading to the setting of marketing objectives and the formulation of plans for achieving them (Ref-4)at once we rotter interrelate all the supra terms with the divine service of diagram below. chore GoalsMarket StrategyMarketing MixMarketing PlanThe above diagram shows that an organization has to set trading goals which are actually the rump of company or mission statement. The next level arrests of marketing strategy which is esteemed rule that company has acquired to market their products. After establishing the market strategy company moves forward towards marketing mix in which it define the completely marketing mix i-e Product, Pricing, Place and Distribution. Afterwards the process of writing of marketing plans comes in which company has to describe the whole market activities which are use to acquire moving in goals. (Ref-3)2.2 Impacts of strategy on marketing planningUnder this heading the strategies of organizatio n allow for be discussed and the impacts of that strategies on the marketing of organization forget be noniced. What effect that strategies volition throw on organizations long run and victimize run forgeting in addition be discussed. present we are talking about warm marketing plans. As describe earlier it is a Pakistani local company that is making carbon% pure succuss and this is one of the marketing strategy of new that desexualize it distinguishes from former(a)s. The company has many competitors in the analogous line of atomic number 6% pure juices i-e Nestle, Shezan, Minute amah etc. But the fledgling is successful yet to hold on the no. 1 seat in the brands of 100% pure juices. And in like manner new-made is successful to bear on its localisation against Nestle and other firm brands like Minute Maid.The bene adapt what Fresher will get ascribable to this strategy is that competitors are non attaching it from all the sides. Only fresh juice companies are interested to attach its strategies. It has no concern with any other product line of competitors.Another strategy of Fresher is that they are employ PET BOTTLES instead of juice boxes which made their product easy to use for the customers and the look of their brand product is totally different from others. They are as well using SHRINK WRAPS for the packaging of their products. The one more(prenominal)(prenominal) topic that narks their product discriminate is tags hanged with the store of juice on which a little explanation of brand and ingredients are written. These tags nock the look of the product more dragive and it again befriends to admit a concentrated pose of the brand.The progression strategy that Fresher pastime is WORD OF MOUTH. They are using any other strong packaging strategy which again differentiate the brand from others in market. But as they are not focusing the publicizing strategy now when they that much stabled in market, they plenty spoil their positioning as well.Fresher has strong statistical distribution strategy which has been table serviceing the brand to be strong so far i-e they used ROLL OUT strategy of distribution. They started the distribution of their product from their own city and then they fiesta it in other cities with the passage of time when they had grown generous in the market. The strategy has a benefit that other strong competitors like Nestle, Minute Maid etc didnt mark much(prenominal)(prenominal) small brand and didnt take action for that. In the meanwhile Fresher entered in the market and had got a strong market positioning. Fresher had got another benefit of this strategy that is they maintained their resources with it. They started distributing their product in their city only and when they defy bring in enough money they spread it over other cities of Pakistan as well.2.3 Component parts of a marketing planParts/Categories with which a marketing plan is made up of are called regions of marketing plan. Here the heading will plump all of its parts one by one.Executive SummaryIt is the source grammatical constituent of the marketing plan which explains the summary of the whole marketing plan for the fast(a) review by the management of the company. Mostly three issues are mentioned in this part.The ChallengeChallenge consists of a little elaboration of product for which marketing plan is made and the summary of goals much(prenominal) as sales figures and strategic goals..Company AnalysisCompany analysis mostly consists of the answers to following questionsWhat are goals of the company? To what thing it focuses more? What are the effectivenesss of that company? From what culture it belongs? What are easynesses of the company? And in what market allocates it exists? etc.Competitor AnalysisIn competitors analysis a pithy physical composition about competitors weaknesses, strengths, market position and market shares is presented. (Ref-5)Current marke ting situationIts a marketing analyze which shows the current market situation of the company by comparing it with the ago situation of its own and with the market situation of competitors. It presents data about the market, product, competition and distribution. uprise analysis gussy up analysis is basically the analysis in which strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the product (to be marketed) are given to encounter a complete look on companys analysis. The firms internal environment presents strength and weaknesses while external provides opportunities and threats.Objective and issuesThis heading defines the objectives of company in different areas such as market share, sales, profit etc. Also this form will deal with all the issues and problems that effect these objectives.Marketing strategyIn this category a marketing strategy or approach is recommended to achieve the crabby objective. It is the main and important part of marketing strategy structur e. The strategies will elaborate the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, onward motion) as well.Action programsIn this step a report is given about details of marketing strategy. The report answers such questions like how will all plan start? Who will do it? What will be the cost of all plan? Etc.ControlsIndicates how the make head way of the plan will be monitored.2.4 Risks and advantages in the devised marketing planRisksFresher is having a big threat in the market due to its overlook of advertisement strategy now when it has gain that much credibility. Other competitors in the market has built strong image through their advertisement promotion strategy. Now it is the time when Fresher might think of making a strong and highly attractive advertisement to throw behind all the competitors.Fresher is not having a befittingly educated team of employees and it dont comport worthy divisions such as HR department, RD department, Marketing department etc. So the employees working in the competitors firm are more sufficient and they undersurface make proper decision at proper time. Fresher has to work on it as well. It may form a proper team so that they tummy compete in the leading market.As Fresher employees are not that educated in their particular field, they have disagreement in the selection of strategies. This is the major risk for the Fresher in the market as it weed lead to fall of the company.AdvantagesFresher has specialized workers only in the field of making juices. Their worker manages the formula and they are best trained workers in juice making as they have to make only one product line at one time and they concentrate fully on it while competitors of Fresher have more than one product line so their workers have slight command on juice making.The earlier promotion strategy of Fresher (word of mouth strategy) is quite impressive as no competitor can concentrate on upcoming new brand in this way. It gave Fresher to inflate rapidl y in market.The different packaging of Fresher bottle made them different and they expand undoubtedly in the fresh juice market.The biggest advantage to Fresher was the introduction of 100% fresh juice first in the market which make them differentiate from the competitors and thus they expand rapidly.2.5 SWOT analysis of Fresher JuicesThe company is new in market and has no comfortably setup so they have not worked on their SWOT analysis by themselves. I made its SWOT analysis by my own conclusions and analysis of the company. Here are some strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the company.StrengthsThey have short brand name which a basic strength of Fresher. Brand name is thus easy to remember by customers so its demand in market adjoins. And it is likewise flourishing in meat and low household segmentation of customers (as the customers in such classes are mostly uneducated) just because of its short brand name and easy memorizing quality. Short brand name als o creates word of mouth easily.The highest market share in the product line of 100% pure juices is gained by Fresher.It has best attractive packaging of its juice bottles so far that is a main strength and attraction of customers towards this brand.Its approachability is much good as compared to other brands in the market. flea-bittennessesThe brand is new in the market so it is not financially strong as compared to competitors. It will take some time to become financially strong for which it has to strong its marketing.Advertisement is weak and now when the brand has earned much credibility its essential for it to make powerful advertisement to make it more strong and reliable as brand has less or unspoiled to no TVC recall.Positioning is the major weak point of the brand. They have to make it strong to further grow in the market.OpportunitiesThe brand has great opportunity to grow in cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they have created much c redibility in big cities of Pakistan.Also it has opportunity to GO GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan have more loyal behavior towards Pakistani products so there is a chance for this brand to grow orbicularly.They can launch more brands as well which is again a great opportunity for the company to grow.ThreatsFresher has promoted its products only through word of mouth so its a great threat for it. Other competitors that are promoting their products through advertisement and other strategies of promotion can gain more repute.If a pre-established brand of outside the solid ground launches its product here in Pakistan, there would be a great threat for Fresher as it is a new brand here.The strengths and weaknesses come from internal author of organization while opportunities and threats come from external origin of organization.Helpful to achieving goalsHarmful to achieving goalsStrengthsShort brand nameHighest market share promotion strengthAvailability strengthWeaknessesFinancia lly weakWeak advertisementWeak positioningOpportunitiesGrowth in small cities of PakGo globalLaunch more brandsThreatsLack of promotion strategiesOther brandsUnderstand the construction of a marketing plan3.1 Produce the marketing plan for your organizationExecutive summaryChallengesThe companys product is 100% pure juices and its butt customers are mainly diet conscious people, children, upper class, upper middle class and middle class society. But it can also target to start class customers easily as juice is a thing which a normal person use in bothday life. The product is already differentiated from others because it falls in 100% pure juice category. And Fresher was the first to start this category in Pakistan.Company analysisThe Fresher is a new company in 100% pure juices product line. The company has high market share due to its forward marketing strategies in which main one is word of mouth through which it was promoted and gained the high market share come in. The com panys weaknesses are finance, weak advertisement and weak positioning. Here we are designing some strategies by which its growth rate can increase and it can maintain its market share. It can make its advertisement strong and so its positioning too.Competitors analysisFreshers competitors are companies who make 100% pure juices like Nestle, Minute Maid etc. Now if we come to Nestle, the company has a big weakness that it is dealing with 100% pure juice as well as nectars on the same time which make their focus diverted to both lines in the same time. While its strength is, it has a strong brand positioning earned by other product lines first. Market share of Nestle is lower than that of Fresher but market position is strong enough.Current market situationThe current market situation of Fresher is way out not that bad when we talk about its distribution in big cities. The Fresher has the highest market share in product line of 100% pure juices while all other competitors have left b ehind. The demand of Fresher is also increasing day by day due to its good taste and flavors. Its giving a tough competition to its competitors in the market. Competitors didnt notice it first because it used only word of mouth marketing strategy first and took benefit of this strategy to achieve its goals. But in promotion the other companies (competitors) are moving forward to it now as it is scatty its interest in promotions. The Fresher has best packaging as well.SWOT analysisStrengthsShort brand nameHighest market sharePackaging strengthAvailability strengthWeaknessesFinancially weakWeak advertisementWeak positioningOpportunitiesGrowth in small cities of PakGo globalLaunch more brandsThreatsLack of promotion strategiesOther brandsObjectives and issuesThe main objective of Fresher is to maintain its market share in the line of 100% pure juices.Then it also wants to expand its business in other cities as it is a good opportunity for it to grow more in the market.The increase of sales is required for the increase in profit.To make strength of positioning.Now the main issue is that the other companies in the same product line are also struggling hard to compete the market share of Freshers. The Fresher has to maintain its demand by which it can maintain its market share. The issue concerning the expansion of the brand in other cities is to grimace the other local brands in those cities.Marketing strategyFresher makes following marketing strategies to achieve its goals.Fresher has to focus on advertising strategies such as TVC, radio commercials, Print media ads etc. Ads can be made more attractive by using advertisement marketing strategies such as humor, fun, models or TV actors etc. The attractive the advertisement will be the more the customer will be attracted towards the product.They can use different distribution strategies to promote their brand more e.g they can deal out free samples in the areas where product is not known enough. They can fit stal ls in main areas/markets of different cities for the promotion.As children are more attracted towards juices and pure juices are good for their health, they can conduct different activities for children to attract this group of consumers. Also the fresh juices are mostly used by diet conscious people so Fresher can also use the same strategy of activity conductance for these consumers as well. In this way they attract their most targeted customers.All these strategies can help to achieve goals of company. agreeable advertisement and free sample distribution can help to expand business in small cities and activity found strategy can help to increase sales. Hence all these type of strategies can be used to increase sales, increase in profit and to maintain the high market share.Action programsNow it is turn to plan the actions. Fresher can appoint workers to fulfill these strategies. First of all Fresher has to maintain proper departments such as HRM department, RD department, Marke ting department, Finance department and so on like this. Then Fresher has to assign them their duties. Human resources department will manage human resources which are one of the major sources Fresher needs. Marketing department will carry through these strategies and will check the results. Finance department will assign finances to each department and make a check and balance on it. Plan can be started from distribution of the products as free samples. So that more and more people in other cities can know about the brand. It will increase sales and profit as well. Now this finance can be invested on advertisement and other strategies and so on. The cost of all the strategies will be planned by finance department and marketing department as these are marketing strategies.ControlsThe system cant be effective and efficient until and unless it is supervised and controlled properly. So the control in implement of these strategies is also very important. Here marketing managers of Fres her will be the persons who look afterwards all these things and implement strategies.3.2 Risk in marketing plan and Mitigation strategiesRisksRisks in above strategies are only few.As company is not financially strong as compared to its competitors so might it cant sacrifice advertisement expenses.The other risk could be short term effect (which is never been required) of some strategies like activity based strategy etc.Mitigation strategiesIf finances do not allow Fresher to make an attractive advertisement then Fresher can go for rank purchasing in commercial complexes like Hyperstar, Metro etc as it cost less than that of advertisement. The benefit of this strategy will be that the people of every targeted market of Fresher can gain knowledge about the product easily. It would be a long term effect of marketing strategy. action based strategy would be short term strategy so instead of this we can use another strategy in which Fresher can appoint some of its employees ( sales p ersons) to sale their product at low price or less profit by going door to door in different colonies of different cities. It could have a long term effect on consumers mind.3.3 Importance of each component of the planFirst component is executive summary. The summary explain the whole summarize data of the plan in short form so that the reader or to which report is being presented can save his/her time and he/she can found what is written inside the report and whether the report is meaningful or not? The executive summary has a voltaic pile of importance in marketing plan as it contains companys challenges, companys analysis and competitors analysis.second component of the plan is current market situation. It is necessary to provide so that a marketer or person who has to act upon the plan should know that at what level the company stands and what level they have to move to increase growth rate of the company.The third component of the plan is SWOT analysis. Mentioning it in the pl an in necessary because it helps to analyze the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of the business with the help of which a person can make marketing strategies.The forth component of the plan is objectives and issues which explains all the goals and their related problems in plan.The fifth component of the plan is marketing strategies. This is the main step in the plan to which company has to work to achieve goals.The sixth step is action programs. The step is important as it tells that how to implement these strategies and who will implement them and what will be the cost of all strategies.The nett step is of control. This is also one of the major step of the plan as it is necessary to tell how to control the whole strategic system and who will control it?Understand to Promote the Marketing Plan in Support of Strategic Objectives4.1 How the plan supports strategic objectivePlans of Fresher and their support to objectivesFresher is assigned following plans.Attractive advertisementThe attractive advertisement of fresher can attract more and more customers towards the brand which will help to increase the sales. Increasing sales maximize profit and when company earns more profit it will be able to expand its business. The advertisement can help in building strong positioning as it contains guideword and jingles through which an image that is different from its competitors can build up. The better positioning will help to maintain market share. Streghthen positioning, profit maximization, expansion of businessDistribution of free samplesAgain its the marketing strategy that will help to maximize sales when people around will try the samples and will be attracted. Maximize profit will lead expansion of business and strong market share.Activity based marketingActivity based marketing strategy can only help to achieve goals in targeted consumers market by increasing sales at that category of customers. right-down/Shelves bookingThis strategy can be u seful for better positioning of brand as it creates a good image of the brand. The most glaring shelves will be booked by Fresher, the more consumers will be attracted towards the brand.Personal salesAgain this marketing strategy will increase Freshers sales and its demand and again the profit will be increased. rattling all the strategies are made up to maximize the profit first and then other effects accompany it.4.2 Outline an approach to gain agreement of the marketing planConclusionIn this assignment we learn about strategic marketing, How marketing plans supports strategic objectives, How a marketing plan is constructed and How to promote the marketing plan in support of strategic objective?We chose Fresher, A Pakistani 100% pure juice company and looked upon its marketing strategies, what Fresher is using now and what should it use in future to promote itself more. Fresher is well known company of Pakistan whose marketing system is not that good while it needs a perfect mar keting system now when it has gain that much credibility. Though marketing managers are working in the company but company is not showing enough results in this field due to which there are chances of their fall down in future.Fresher is using some excellent marketing strategies such as WORD OF MOUTH, ROLL OUT strategy, SHRINK WRAPS, PET BOTTELS, TAGS, 100% pure juices etcBut we suggested some more marketing strategies to them by our own study and analysis. We made a marketing plan in which some marketing strategies were suggested such as ATTRACTIVE ADVERTISEMENT, ACTIVITY BASED PROMOTIONS, SHELVES arriere pensee in markets, PERSONAL SALES and DISTRIBUTING FREE SAMPLES to increase its sales and profit. As Fresher has high market share so these strategies will help it to sustain the market share and to increase growth rate of it. At the last we made a marketing plan and saw that how these plans support objectives. We also discussed the SWOT analysis of the company which tell us that company less threats and less weaknesses and more strengths. We also discussed risks regarding strategies but they very low.

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