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Sleeping Beautys Castle Essay -- Compare Contrast Castles Architectur

quiescence Beautys citadelThe aside has a great influence on present culture. However caprices and themes of the olden can change with time. This is aline with the ideas associated with the chivalric castling. These castles, which once served as a military fortress as well as a residence, argon now often associated with the fantastic, popular images people can prolong of the centre ages. Sleeping Beautys castle at Disneyland is a good example because it represents an idea to many people of what a medieval castle may have looked like. However the Disney castle is not an exact representation of a medieval castle. The differences in style and architecture between the Sleeping Beauty Castle and a medieval castle reflect each castles varying functions and firmness of purpose in different impressions associated with each castle. Sleeping Beautys castle is located at the Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim, California. The castle was opened in April 1957, just about two years a fter Disneyland itself opened. Since its opening, the castle has become a major(ip) attraction at the park. It is often shown in advertisements for Disneyland and appears on its movie logo. The castle stands in the center of the park, at the end of Disneylands Main Street. It is also true(a) off aligned with the front entrance of the park. The exterior of the castle is the main speech pattern of the attraction. It represents the medieval castle where Sleeping Beauty was born. The numerous towers and walkways that make up the castle are inaccessible. They are only part of the castles decoration. Visitors to the castle give find that they cannot ascend into any of these towers and can only walk straight through the castle. The walkway through castle displays a diorama of Sleeping Beautys life... ...types. The more knowledge that is known about medieval castle, the more manifest it is that his castle is an exaggerated version that is aimed more at expressing the magical and fanta stical qualities that modern society associates with the middle ages than at giving a true historical representation of a medieval castle. Works Cited1. Hughes, James. Military Architecture. bran-new York St. Martins Press, 19742. Levron, Jacques. The Royal Chateaux of the Ile de France. New York Rand McNally & Company, 1965. 3. Stokstad, Marilyn. Art History. New York Prentice Hall, inc., and Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, 1995.4. Architecture. ball Book Encyclopedia. boodle being Book Inc., 1986.5. Castles. World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago World Book Inc., 1986.6. Middle Ages. World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago World Book Inc., 1986.

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