Monday, March 25, 2019

Different Perspectives on Guns in the USA :: essays research papers

The right to own a gun Some states in the States do not consider the right-to-carry law. In 1986, exclusively guild states in America had the right to carry a gun law. unless by 1998, 31 states had this law, and more than half of Americas universe of discourse live in them. Nowadays, nearly both Americans own a gun. 80% men own a gun and 20% women. About 17 million American women own a gun. Different states in America have different gun control law.In New York, in that respect is a juvenile possession law, a permit to purchase a gun, registration, licensing of owners and a permit to carry a gun are all required. This is quite strict compared to Texas.In Texas, there is a youngster access prevention law but no other controls are required. in that respect are many gun rights interest groups in the USA.One of them is the fierce mountain gun owners. They argue that the freedoms of US tribe have been eat at too far already. They succeeded in blocking tig hter gun control laws. almost gun control interest groups argue that a gun is the only commercially available product solely designed to kill. They believe there should be a cooling off period before people are allowed to purchase a gun from the time of application for a license. Should Children be allowed guns? In the USA, more than 135,000 guns are brought to school by pupils, many children as young as nine years old. But this is not a good idea because some children use it seriously and scarcely shoot their friends because they are annoyed at them. Many of these teenagers are in gangs and say that they need guns for their protection. But is this true?Every 2 hours an American child gets shot, and sometimes it will be by another child his/her age.

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