Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Application of Information Technology Systems Essay -- Essays Pap

The application of culture Technology SystemsAs the application of IT systems is the usage of said systems, it is hard to mend how this may be either morally or ethically wrong. The meshing could be considered to be morally dangerous, as a young sister could easily stumble across pornography. However, the Internet makes the sharing of training easier for corporation as a whole, particularly in organisations and gives the individual access to this information. another(prenominal) aspect of IT systems that could be considered to be morally wrong is the theory of long Brother, as so much information, from shopping preferences (loyalty cards) to your address (driving licence number) is held on computers giving fast and easy access to personal selective information. The data protection Act is designed to protect individual privacy, so bargonly the people that need to can access your data. But how do you take root who has access to your data? On a police database, records of cri minal convictions are stored, to people have the right to know that a criminal is contemptible into their neighbourhood or does the individual have the right to keep that information private?A worker may feel that the application of IT systems in the workplace may have more lasting benefits. For example hypothesis a file on a word processor and correcting a mistake in comparison with producing the same work on a typewriter and having to redo it, will likely give more of a whizz of satisfaction. An individual may feel the lasting benef...

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