Friday, March 22, 2019

Calorimeters :: Papers

Calorimeters This is a investigation into how heat take away is effected when assorted variables argon limitingd, when boiling water is in a colorimeter. Variables These argon the variables which are available for me to change 1. distinguishable insulators e.g. Foam or Cotton Wool, Polystyrene. 2. The temperature of the water at the start of the experiment. 3. Whether or not the calorimeter has a lid on or not. 4. Different conductors e.g. Copper, Wood, other metals. 5. The amount/Volume of water. Prediction These are my predictions for each variable 1. Different insulators work better than others. Different insulators result have different effects, because of what they are made of, if the material is a metal, it entrust conduct the heat, a non-metal leave alone insulate the heat, some better wherefore others. 2. If the starting temperature is high, then I predict it will be higher at the end too, because the energy lasts longer in the h otter water. 3. If the lid isnt on more heat will be lost, because the heat will rise. 4. Different conductors have different effects too. Some conductors conduct the heat quick than others. e.g. Copper will transfer the heat quicker than wood. 5. If there is little water there would be a smaller surface field of force to volume ratio so less water will transfer less heat, and more will enhance the transfer Planning I will investigate different amounts of water and different insulators. I will use these different quantitys of water 20cm cubed 40cm cubed 60cm cubed 80cm cubed 100cm cubed ( I will also change the insulator on this one) Equipment Used I will use the hobby equipment Calorimeter. Kettle. Thermometer. Measuring Cylinder Insulators (Available insulators e.g. Foam). Stopwatch. Method I will measure the phoebe bird different amounts of water and poor them into

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