Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Burning Down the White House

On August 24 1814, during the contend of 1812 we traveled from the Atlantic Ocean, into Chesapeake Bay, and on into Washington D. C. . The British Army meshed Washington, D. C. as I and some others set fire to the White House. I was so nervous I knew it was something I had to do though. It was our commanders orders to only burn public buildings. This was the first time that a unlike power captured and occupied the United States capital. After we set fire to the buildings we unexpended as quickly as possible.This attack was an act of revenge since the Americans burned York and the buildings of the Legislative Assembly during the battle of York in 1813. The commander told us that contend Washington would have a greater political effect than any other states would. It is considered against the civilized laws of war to burn a non-military facility and those Americans non only burned the Parliament but also the Governors mansion, private homes, and warehouses. We didnt know it but , the presidents wife was in the white house. Her name was Dolly Madison, two messengers came in and asked her to leave.She left wing exclusively of their personal belongings, but she managed to get the cabinet papers and the portrait of George Washington. As we went into the White House we were greeted with a dinner set for forty. We ate and drank until we were full, and then we done our job. We destroyed the White House and all of the public places we think to destroy. The Madisons had no choice but to leave, and as they left I seen them helplessly watching us demolish their home. I had to bound reminding myself why I was doing this, in an act of revenge because they burnt us down and payback came their way.

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